Thursday 18 March 2010

Father Ignatius in hell.

The first thing Father Ignatius noticed as he entered hell is the total and absolute darkness of the place. Not the faintest glimmer of light shone in that bottomless abyss of intense void.

He tried hard to peer into the pitch-black darkness to make out something, but it was totally in vain. He could see nothing. Totally and completely nothing.

It was then that he noticed the full and utter silence which accompanied the extreme blackness of this place. Not a sound whatsoever. It was as if he had gone suddenly deaf. He rubbed his fingers in his ears and concentrated hard but silence reigned supreme. He clapped his hands together but heard nothing. He spoke to himself and could not hear his own voice.

Darkness and silence had partnered together and negated all the senses as he knew them. He could not smell anything whatsoever. No burning fires and brimstone, or the acrid smell of sulfur he’d expected in this place. He could feel no burning sensation and pain. No cries of help or gnashing of teeth.

In other words; hell was nothing.

Hell was a total void of everything physical as he’d experienced in his previous life.

Yet in this pure nothingness he felt a very powerful and intense feeling of extreme sadness. An overwhelming grief leading to desolation and desperation tormented his very soul.

A continuous sensation of sorrow and anguish filled the emptiness which was hell.

He sensed another soul there too. He could not make out who or where it was but it was there, somehow, sharing the void with him.

He felt a telepathic communication with this spirit in similar torment. Not in words, not in images, but in a mutual empathic sensation, as if the two were one.

He shared that soul’s torment which had lasted for … … … an eternity.

There seemed to be no beginning as to when that soul arrived in this eternal void, nor any prospect of when its terrible terrible suffering would end. The total and perfect hopelessness of this state of nothingness, this state of wretched emptiness, engulfed the forgotten soul consumed by its everlasting regrets.

For this lost soul constantly and interminably viewed and reviewed over and again its past life on earth; filled with memories best forgotten yet brought to mind with no respite. The inner pain from such memories tortured this forgotten soul left here all alone.

Father Ignatius shared with this soul the deep desire to weep bitterly for its past mistakes and its present solitary ordeal. But this was not possible, for there are no tears in hell. No matter how strong the desire to cry in profound regret, and so gain some temporary relief, this was not possible in a state of void. So the pain, sorrow and sadness built up within one’s soul and consumed it eternally from within; with no respite whatsoever.

And what is worse, is that the soul’s constant feelings of regret were persistently underlined by another sensation.

For it knew with unshakable certainty of the existence of God.

This tormented soul had been given, on entering hell, undoubted and unquestionable proof that God indeed exists. And somehow, it had witnessed His immeasurable and overwhelming love for His creations.

Yet the soul also knew, without a doubt, that for an interminable eternity, it would be totally excluded from that Fatherly, Divine love.

Father Ignatius realized that hell consisted of complete isolation with ones thoughts and regrets, and the sure knowledge that there will never be an end in sight. No light at the end of the tunnel. For there is no tunnel.

A permanent state of inner pain and sorrow, coupled with the knowledge that God’s love is for ever out of reach.

“What a terrible state of despair and hopelessness” thought Father Ignatius, “to know for certain that God exists; and to know of His love for us; yet to be excluded from that perfect love for ever. To remain here, in a state of total void, filled with past memories and regrets for deeds long past. Alone, in permanent thoughts of total and infinite exclusion!”

Father Ignatius woke up suddenly from his turbulent dream.

It was then that he heard in his head, clear as a bell, the words: “Go and warn all you get to meet not to come to this place!”


  1. Thanks for sharing another great story Victor.
    God bless you

  2. Hi Ron,

    I'm so pleased you liked it. Thanx for writing in.

    God bless you.

  3. Victor,
    I wish everyone in the world could read this. A powerful story. Sadly, many people no longer believe hell exists.

  4. I believe it exists. Dear Jesus, save souls in need of your Mercy, Amen.

  5. Hi Mary and Shadowlands,

    Sadly you're right Mary. Many people don't believe in hell ... or in anything for that matter. And the devil is laughing.

    God bless you Mary and Shadowlands. Thank you for taking the trouble to write in.

  6. That is not a dream that is a be separated from God to me is a pain so severe that there are no words to express or describe and yes there is definitely a hell ......:-) Hugs

  7. I was grateful to the end that indeed this was a dream...What a wonderful lesson in HELL! It was frightening to read this!!!!!! God bless! Cathy

  8. Hello Bernie and Cathy,

    How nice to see you visiting here again. Thank you.

    May God bless you always my friends.

  9. Scary ... to say the least!

    Mindboggling too ... if one tries to capacitate oneself with the real meaning of eternity.

  10. Hi Gabriella,

    That's exactly the image I'd hoped to convey. Scary eternity.

    For ever and ever, alone, in the dark with no sound or any senses, just captive to one's thoughts and the knowledge that one is excluded from the love of God. For eternity.

    Thank you Gabriella for summarising my point so well.

    God bless you.

  11. When I read the words "darkness & silence had partnered together and negated all the senses" it brought so much to mind regarding the political climate here in my great country and I felt so sad.

    This is a remarkable post Victor, I'd like to say it is one that will stick with me.

    Thank you

  12. Hi Daily Grace,

    I seldom mention politics on my Blog; but the situation here in the UK is also lamentable. Millions out of work, well educated university graduates can't find work, possibility of strikes and businesses closing down or laying off people. Christianity in decline. And people losing hope.

    But the good news Daily Grace is that God is still in control. And we should trust Him; through gritted teeth even.

    God bless you Daily Grace for writing in. I really appreciate your comments.

  13. What a chilling picture of hell. I think what would be hardest is to have that terrible regret and sorrow and not be able to cry or share that pain with anyone. And to realize the folly of denying God and squandering precious time on earth.

    I do feel concern for others, and I want to warn them. The idea of hell has become politically incorrect in the extreme. It's a difficult topic to bring up with a non-believer. Thank you for a sobering warning.

  14. Greetings Sarah,

    Sadly you are right. It is difficult to bring up the subject of hell these days. People just do not want to believe ... in anything. Here in the UK Christianity is often mocked on TV by comedians and others who can influence people. I might write a story about this sometime.

    Let us pray Sarah for our concern for others.

    God bless you.



God bless you.