Sunday 15 February 2015

The Deal

There are times that whatever Father Ignatius says or advises is sure to be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Yet, his duty as a priest and guide to his flock is to teach them, as best he can, about God our Creator and His unrelenting love for us.

One day he entered the church from the Sacristy and saw an elderly lady kneeling in the middle aisle right at the back of the church. He said nothing and proceeded to the Altar where he took away the candlesticks back to the Sacristy for Mrs Davenport to clean.

A few moments later he re-entered the church to find the same old lady still on her knees but a few paces further forward towards the Altar. He approached her gently. He hadn’t seen her before in church.

“Welcome to our church” he said in his soothing kind voice, “you’re new here … I haven’t seen you visiting us before …”

“I can’t get up Father …” she said looking up at him from her kneeling position.

“Are you in pain?” he asked, “Do you wish me to help you up?

“Oh no Father … I’m able to get up … but I can’t … I don’t want to upset God.”

“I’m sure God will not be upset if you have a rest for a while …” said Father Ignatius comforting her, “here … sit down for a while … and tell me all about it.”

He held out his hand and the elderly lady got up with some difficulty and sat down on the nearest pew. He sat down beside her and asked, “Why did you think God would be upset?”

“Well Father …” she hesitated, “my son is fifty years old, and he’s just lost his job … he has a wife and three children to look after … he won’t find another job at his age … not in the current situation. So I said to God that I’d pray the whole Rosary on my knees … walking one step at a time … from the back of the church to His altar. Then I’d do the Stations of the Cross on my knees … so that He would help my son get a job.”

Father Ignatius was touched by the love of this elderly mother for her son. He smiled gently and said “It’s good of you to pray for your son … it shows how much you love him and his family …

“But God does not want you to walk all around the church on your knees.”

“I’d do anything Father …” she said, “tell me what to do … and I’ll do it no matter how much it hurts me …”

“God does not want you to be hurt …” replied the priest gently, “God loves us and He listens to our prayers as long as they’re honest and come from the heart …

“He does not want us to beg like dogs … He does not want to humiliate us and make us lose our dignity …"

He stopped for a while and then continued.

“Humiliation and loss of dignity is the work of humans. See how we humiliated Jesus when we stripped Him of His clothes, we spat on Him, beat Him and mocked Him; and eventually killed Him most cruelly by nailing Him to the Cross.

“The Stations of the Cross are a reminder of how we humiliated Him and took His dignity away. And we still do so today when we hurt and hate one another instead of loving each other as He commanded.

“God does not want you to walk around in pain on your knees … He listens to your prayers no matter how or where they are said. Even sitting at home just say to Him in your own words how you care for your son and his family … ask God to help them. I’m sure He’ll listen and … in His own way and time … He will respond.”

“But I promised to do the Stations of the Cross on my knees …” she protested.

“Hey … trust me …I’m a priest …” Father Ignatius said with a smile, “I’ll pray to God for you and your family … Believe me, you don’t need to go down walking on your knees. Just sit here for a while and say a little prayer.”

“I’ll do that Father …” she said as the priest got up to go back to the Sacristy, “although I might stay on my knees for fifteen minutes to show God I’m willing …”


  1. Hi Victor! Oh boy, can I relate to this woman or what? Always thinking that if I go that extra mile, somehow Jesus will hear me louder. Or better. I think it comes from the lives of the saints. I remember reading about one saint (can't remember his name) who decided that he wouldn't ever sit. He only stood.
    And he ended up with horrid varicosities that got infected etc. He felt that was part of the sacrifice.

    So I see where this woman got her ideas about putting herself through pain. I think God appreciates our efforts, but as Fr. said, not that we should hurt ourselves.

    1. Hi Ceil,

      Please do me a favor. I am writing a post about self sacrifice (in the extreme) which I shall be publishing here in a few days. Please return and give me your opinions. As I hinted above, I do not believe that God wants us to bneg like dogs. Sacrifice yes, fasting, yes - but within limits.

      God bless you.

    2. "I think God appreciates our efforts, but as Fr. said, not that we should hurt ourselves."

      I know what you mean Ceil, if only we Christians would listen to GOD and not harden our heart then our sins wouldn't get us (usual sinners) in so much trouble. Hey come to think about "IT" many would probably say that making physical sacrifices is easier than not knowing what is truly right and/or wrong nowadays.

      I hear YA! Sometimes having to read what you say is a sacrifice in "IT" self and truth be known, i don't know how Victor and many others manage the sacrifice of putting UP with


    3. I truly appreciate Ceil's visits here and her valuable contributions.

    4. Sorry ... I hit "publish" before I'd finished.

      Not only do Ceil's comments add great value to this Blog but I know I have learnt a lot from her writings.

  2. “Humiliation and loss of dignity is the work of humans. See how we humiliated Jesus when we stripped Him of His clothes, we spat on Him, beat Him and mocked Him; and eventually killed Him most cruelly by nailing Him to the Cross."

    Separate and Con quer "I" mean Conquer is the way of The Twenty First Century.

    As a matter of fact, "I" could give you a lot of honest examples of how parents are not allowed to even try to encourage their children to do their first Communion... I literally heard it said in writing and this human was not kidding and no one really questioned it.

    Long story short.... Continue to separate Christians especially these so called Catholics and close down all their churches like we're doing with their separated, "I" mean Separate schools but whatever you do, make sure that when LENT starts on Wednesday that no Body and Blood of Christ , "I" mean Communion is given at their school cause the church has no right to force "IT" on even "ONE" child and.........................................................and............................................and...


    I hear YA! We'll keep praying for YA Victor!

    God Bless you and yours

    1. The world needs our prayers now more than ever before.

      God bless.

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    1. Thank you so much Hand-maid. God bless you and yours.

  4. Thought-provoking post, as always Victor. I think there is a difference from using pain to try and show God how serious we are (unnecessary, as you noted) vs using pain to shed our human-ness and grow closer to God (like the hunger pain we feel when we fast). God Bless you.

    1. Very well put Michael. You have a way of expressing yourself better than me. Thanx for this.

      God bless.



God bless you.