Wednesday 20 May 2015

HELLO ... How may I help you?

Travel Agent Lady: Hello ... how may I help you?

Me: Oh hi ... I'd like to book a room in a good hotel in Aberdeen for about a week.

TAL: Certainly Sir, when will that be?

Me: Now, right now ...

TAL: You'd like a room starting today, Sir?

Me: No ... no ... I'd like to book the room right now.

TAL: I understand ... and when would you like to stay in Aberdeen?

Me: Next month ... the week starting the 12th. I'll be staying for the whole week.

TAL: Do you have a preference of hotel Sir?

Me: No ... I don't know Aberdeen that well. I want a good hotel, not just a bed and breakfast.

TAL: Yes Sir. I have one available which I am sure will be suitable. May I have your name and address please Sir? ... ... ... And a telephone number where we can contact you? ... ... ... Thank you Sir. Will you require a single or a double bed room?

Me: Oh double bed ... a large bed. And make sure there's a TV too.

TAL: Yes Sir ... all rooms have a TV, telephone, Internet access, as well as adjoining bathroom and several other facilities. I'll be sending you a hotel brochure Sir. Meanwhile, I need a name for the other guest staying with you, Sir. Will that be Mrs M...?

Me: No ... no ... my wife will not be with me.

TAL: So it's just you, Sir?

Me: No ... me and Maurice.

TAL: Maurice ... That's the other guest ... May I have Maurice's surname please Sir?

Me: Just Maurice ... he has no surname ... Just Maurice and I will be staying for a week.

TAL: I understand Sir ... That's a double room for a week commencing the 12th of next month for yourself and Maurice. Will there be anything else Sir?

Me: Eh ... yes ... does the hotel have room service? Can we order beakfast and other meals to be delivered to our room? We'd rather stay in the room most of the time.

TAL: Yes Sir. There will be a menue in your room and you can phone your order which will be delivered at any time day or night. Some guests prefer to have a meal at all hours, like two in the morning, for example. This hotel will deliver any meal you wish to your room at any time for you and Maurice to enjoy.

Me: That sounds great ... One more thing. Will they also deliver bones?

TAL: Bones, Sir?

Me: Yes... raw bones, for Maurice.

TAL: I don't understand Sir.

Me: Maurice prefers raw bones before his performance.

TAL: I still don't understand Sir.

Me: We're in Aberdeen for the sheep dog trials. We're coming incognito. We'll enter the trials in the last possible moment. That's why we'll stay in the hotel room for as long as possible. Maurice is a champion sheepdog, and any news of his entrance in the show will affect the betting odds, you see.

TAL: Yes Sir ... I see clearly now ... (deep breath) ... I understand.


  1. Hi Victor! This makes me appreciate hotel booking agents! I would imagine the stories they get would entertain for hours. I wondered where you were going with 'Maurice'...never thought of a dog!
    Do you show dogs, or is this an imaginary story? I know it's a big thing here in the USA. Show dogs are given the royal treatment. They have their own stylists, emotional consultants, the whole thing!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend,

    1. Hi Ceil,

      I hope this story made you smile. Totally fictitious. I do not show dogs, although we've always had dogs. The current one is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

      In the UK we have many dog shows, the most famous being Crufts. And yes, we have plenty of stylists, emotional consultants, dog psychiatrists and the rest. Plus of course a variety of foods for all types and ages of dogs. Our dog eats better than me !!!

      A sheep dog trial is different however. It is usually entered by farmers with their dogs, mostly Collies. The idea is to herd a number of sheep along a course and into a sheep pen. Exactly like the film some years ago about a pig called Babe.


  2. Victor....thank you for the smiles. {Hitting ones self on the forehead}--BABE!!! We were discussing Charlottes Web the other day and non of us could remember the pigs name, which is Wilbur. We argued and argued over the name Babe and the movie with the sheep dogs. (silly I know, lol)---Thanks for "Babe" and now I am correct and will gladly tell them so, lol.

    We have a rather large German Shepherd named Coffee (long story!!).

    ANYWAYS---thanks for the smiles--- your a good story teller. Blessings

    1. Hello Linda,

      I'm so glad you smiled here once again. I really loved the film Babe. When we left the cinema I had a bacon sandwich to celebrate.

      I like Coffee for a dog's name. I had years ago a dog called Sit. Totally confusing !!!

      God bless you.

  3. "Maurice prefers raw bones" LOL. I wonder if I took my dog over to hotel if that would work. Hey, did you see? We now have a kitten to go with our pup:

    1. Visiting your Blog right now, Manny.

      God bless.

  4. OH, Victor~ Can't really blame your wife for not traveling with you--Who wants to sleep with a dog!!!!

    1. It's a prize winning sheep dog, Lulu.

      God bless you.

  5. Thank you for my weekly laugh! I don't know where you get this endless stream of material, but I'm glad you do!

    God Bless you!

    1. Great to see you here again Michael. Ideas keep coming to my head. And hopefully they make people laugh.

      God bless.



God bless you.