Tuesday 4 October 2016

On Reflection ... What's The Point?

I was painting the house the other day. I've started with the living room and then I'll move on from one room to another. Then it occurred to me ... what's the point?

What's the point of painting these walls and ceilings when in a couple of years' time I'll do it all over again?

A painter expert told me that first I should scrape the old paint off, clean the walls properly, paint an under-coat, and then when it's dry paint another coat.

What nonsense. I just paint one cover over the other. Much quicker. Just splosh the new paint on to the old one. Over the years the walls have become thicker and thicker with one layer of paint over the other. I bet our house all round is now six inches smaller because of the many layers of paints on the walls and ceilings. Pretty soon the house will be so small that even the mice will have hunchbacks.

And that's what led me to think ... what's the point of it all?

What's the point of doing something over and again. Like painting the house. Mowing the lawn. Vacuum cleaning. Dusting. Washing plates and cups and cutlery. Washing clothes. It's all repetitive and leads to nowhere.

Come to think of it. What's the point of wearing clothes anyway? Some people I know have to buy clothes several times a year to keep in with changing fashions. Spring collection. Summer Collection. Autumn and Winter too. And on and on the fashion industry gets us to buy too many clothes we don't need.

What a different world it would be if we wore no clothes at all? Angels are often depicted with no clothes on. They don't seem to mind.
Do you realise how less pompous people would be if they all wore no clothes? These days people use their clothes to influence one another. Power dressing, that's what it is. A man would have the latest fashionable suit on; a woman would have padded shoulders to make her look bigger and more impressive; or the latest shoes or jewellery or fancy hat.

With no clothes on we'd all be equal. What would matter is what sort of person we are - kind, gentle, knowledgeable, helpful and so on.

Without clothes on my boss at work would be much kinder if we could all see her naughty bits. And I suppose we'd be much nicer too if she could see ours.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that there are many things in life with no point at all.

For example, what's the point of me writing books or blogs if I'm going to be ignored anyway? After all, there's only you and me reading this right now. And not everyone seems to comment in support or in disagreement anyway.

As my old school friend Willy Shakespeare put it:
To Blog or not to Blog
That is the question.
Whether it is nobler in the mind
To keep one’s thoughts to oneself
Than reveal them to all
On screens large and small.
And by doing such
Suffer the slings and arrows
Of outrageous readers
Who’d rather Block you
Than read your feeble Tweeters.
Or to bravely face your qualms
And courageously Blog on
Regardless of your audience
Be it great or be it small;
Just Blog on into eternity
And have yourself a ball!

So there you have it. Stop painting the house and wearing clothes. But keep Blogging.


  1. I often ask myself the same question--NOT about the clothes--will be NO sans clothes here--but the blogging. Then I find myself back at it--typing away---I CAN'T seem to help myself!
    Blessings, Victor!

    1. Oh please Lulu, don't stop blogging; whether wearing clothes or not. I find your blog very interesting and often inspirational. I particularly like the "in the hood" posts, and enjoyed your travelogues. You've not posted much humourous lately though. Keep Blogging my friend and have yourself a ball.

      God bless you and your sense of humour.

  2. A wonderful read and so enjoyable. I Blog to one, for one.....me. LOL Thanks for this little reminder that Bloggers have feelings too. :)

    1. Hello Judybug,

      Thank you for visiting me. We hope you return here soon. You have a wonderful Blog; and you should post more often.

      God bless you.

  3. Yes Victor. Since my baptism in 1933 I have thought much about what's the point of 83 years living. The point for me is to stay with Jesus now and forever.

    1. Good point well made, Joseph. The point is to keep focussed on God at all times. And when you have a minute to spare, pray for me.

      God bless you.

  4. Victor, I just love this! One of my favorites from you! Funny and encouraging! Keep blogging, my friend! And may GOD abundantly bless you! :-)

    1. Thank you Tai. It is important to keep Blogging. Our Blogs should be the ones that Jesus would want to read.

      God bless.

  5. The image of the house shrinking layer by layer will stick with me ... especially next time I want to re-paint!

    1. It's true, Linda. Every layer of paint adds up to the one before. Some rooms are so small now we can only enter one at a time. The problem is that the ceiling seems to be getting lower too. We'll soon be on our knees.

      God bless you. Hope you're feeling better.

  6. :)

    No clothes? In Minnesota?? With winter coming on???

    1. Ah ... never thought of that! Sorry.

      Thank you for visiting me, Brian. God bless.



God bless you.