Thursday, 22 October 2020

Kevin in the middle


Once upon a time there was a school of fish. That is in fact the collective term for a lot of fish; but in this case it was really a school of fish. That is a school where little fishes go to get an education about the facts of life. Where do baby fishes come from, why we should avoid worms floating at the end of a crooked piece of metal, why a net does not necessarily mean we're about to play basket ball; that sort of thing.

The teacher at this school was an old shark; which is rather ironic that one of the sea's most dangerous killing machines was in charge of innocent little morsels. The head teacher of the school was a whale with a speech impediment whose voice was so shrill it became popular as a soundtrack for relaxation CDs. Why is it people believe they can relax to the sound of whales going whoooooo whoooooo?

Anyway ... let's continue with my story. But to digress, whilst researching this article I discovered that whales actually do fart underwater. That's a true fact you can research yourself. The volume of their toot is so voluminous (big and in huge quantities) that by the end of the motion the whale has sped 100 miles underwater! Like a balloon when it loses all the air inside it.

Where was I when I started? Said the whale ... as well as me before digressing.

Oh ... by the way ... another real fact. Did you know that if you break wind and it's very cold outside  ... like snowing ... the gas emission does not smell. It's because of the effect of the cold on what is released. True ... try it out next winter to find out!

As I was saying before my imagination side-tracked me. In this school of fish there was a small sardine called Sadi. There were also pilchards, anchovies and salmons amongst other species of fish. The teacher was teaching about the class system in society. I know this sounds a bit far fetched, but it was that kind of school preparing youngsters for a life of achievements, success and eventual disappointments.

Sadi said that when she grows up she wanted to end up in a tin of sardines with olive oil; not tomato sauce like the other more common sardines and pilchards.

So you see, even in the nautical world there is a class system which is instilled in young minds at a very early age.

I guess most countries have a class system of sorts. Here in the UK people can be upper class, middle class or working class. But even these classes seem to have sub-structures within them. Like really upper class born from nobility and having names like Quentin rather than Kevin or Dave. Then there is upper class through wealth rather than breeding. People who have made it good in life and hence consider themselves superior than the middle classes. You can distinguish these nouveau riche upper classes because they eat fish and chips, or burgers and fries, with white gloves on.

Then there is the upper-middle class and the lower-middle class, the difference between them being a moot point and only a source of argument and debate between individuals in these classes since no one else seems to care. These are the people who, if they cut a finger, would pretend it was cut opening an oyster rather than a tin of baked beans. They would make guacamole with real avocados rather than squashed peas like a lower class person would do. 

And finally there is the working class, which in itself is divided into many sub-structures each pretending they are better than the other in being at a higher level in an altogether lower strata in life.

I've often wondered why we humans feel the need to classify ourselves as being better, or not, than someone else. We distinguish such levels by the place where we live, the size and type of house, the car we drive, the school and universities we've attended, and so on and so forth.

Apart from the fish, of which I spoke earlier, does any other animal species have a class system? 

What is the impetus or the drive that makes us want to compare our status to others? I can understand the need to better yourself in life. To do better perhaps than your parents before you. Indeed, it seems to be most parents' ambition that their offspring do better than them. But why the need to classify yourself in a group that is considered superior to others.

I believe here in the UK we have a class system so that we have someone to dislike. The upper class dislikes the lower classes and so on. 

If you live in another country and you want to feel British then create a class system like ours. 

Either that, or pretend you don't know who Jesus is. Over here people would say, "He was a great teacher ... a healer ... a wise man ... a religious man ..." Very few would say He was/is the Son of God. 

Once at school, when I was young, our teacher discussed the class system in society and I claimed to be in a class by myself. I don't think my teacher was impressed. But she did not ask where in the hierarchy was my individual personalised class situated!


  1. ...with four fish, which one is in the middle?

    1. Kevin!

      Keep smiling my friend. God bless you, Tom.

  2. I have a hard time believing that people don't know Jesus was the son of God. Maybe that's because I went to a parochial school and I was taught who Jesus was. Then again maybe people just aren't interested and that's sad.

    1. I believe people are pretending they don't know Jesus. Which I believe is a grave sin.

      Let me explain, Bill. A couple of years ago I led a team of adults at our church in a Christian study sessions. These people were Catholics parents. I asked, "If an opinion poll person stopped you in the street and asked you who was Jesus what would you say?"

      They replied, "A teacher, a wise man, a healer," and so on. No one would say He is the Son of God. When I pointed this out, they said that we do not say such things these days in Britain.

      Maybe I'm naive, but I was shocked. These people, Christians, would not admit in the street, or at work, or pub, that Jesus is the Son of God.

      The world is in a sad place right now. People are denying God. And God is leaving them alone to fend for themselves.

      God bless you Bill.

  3. Too funny about the flatulent whale! The only experience I had with class distinction occurred when I was just a child aboard the Queen Elizabeth. Nevertheless, I recall a vivid purple rope dividing the 'uppers' from those of us in steerage. I can't imagine anything being so obvious these days. Perhaps it's always existed, but remains mute.
    I really struggle to realize so many people are reluctant to speak aloud of Jesus being the son of God.

    1. The flatulence of the whale is real, Mevely. That's how they invented the jet engine. They saw a whale almost flying out of the water and they thought, "what a brilliant idea!" At first they fed a lot of engineers a lot of beans; but that did not work. So they invented the jet engine instead.

      Yes, the class system still exists in this country. It is a meritocracy as long as you've attended the right schools and are connected to the right people. We still have the "old school tie" system; whereby people actually wear the tie appertaining to their upper-class schools to make it obvious they are better than you.

      Also, sadly, here in the UK few would publicly proclaim their Christianity for fear of ridicule. Some businesses do not allow religious discussions whilst at work.

      God bless, Mevely.

  4. Thankfully there are still people around who do believe that Jesus is the Son of God and aren't afraid to say it. I'm one of them! :)

  5. We have classes here, and i don't think it works out any better here than any place else.

    Put me in the class that says Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of G-d, and leave me there, please.

    1. It is sad, isn't it, when people are afraid, or shy, to proclaim who Jesus is.

      God bless, Mimi.

  6. I acknowledge that Jesus is the only son of the Father and He is my Savior. God bless.

    1. I acknowledge this too.

      Welcome here Himawan Sant. We look forwards to your return visits.

      God bless.

  7. Once again, a very thought-provoking post. Thank you.

  8. Dearest Victor,
    Yes, you did lead this story very well into a dark reality in this world!
    While we were working in India, one of the managers with his university education and 'status', meant he was way above the poor women with their broom, bend down to the earth for cleaning the roads at the location of the mushroom farm and cannery.
    As Pieter and I walked the premises from area to area for doing our farm review and training, we of course greeted everyone we met on our way with a smile and good morning. Even if some might nog have understood. WHY are you greeting those, we got reprimanded by said manager... Who did he think he was?!
    In Indonesia, while driving down the mountain from work with our driver, we were witnessing a poor local female worker that did cling onto the truck in the back. Not able to afford any transport otherwise. The truck driver could not see what happened in the back, so he pulled up rather rough and she fell off, on the road. I made our driver stop; good thing is for speaking the native language! He warned me by saying loud; don't toch her - you will be responsible! She lay there, bleeding from her skull. I helped her up and let her sit in-between both of us. There was no more space... She used her head scarf to stop the bleeding and I told the driver to drive FAST, but careful, avoiding bumps etc. So we came down from some 2,000 m into the city and I went with her to the hospital, where a large queue stood. So I raised my voice and demanded that someone with a stretcher come to get this wounded woman! Someone reacted and said, no ma'am we ran out of stretchers. I don't care I said, get her to the operating room quick! Then I was asked to sign for her and I filled out that she was a worker for Dieng Djaya, our company and signed it.
    Weeks later, a very tanned man came running towards me as I walked with an area manager. He grabbed my hand and kind of bowed for me while uttering the happiest words I've ever heard; She's alive, she's well - thanks to you! I knew instantly that it was her, one of the broom sweeping crew, like this man with his sun aged face. Stooped down from day to day... to earn enough for a handful of white rice to EAT.
    The manager got angry and chased him off and apologized towards me for being bothered by that kind of... I said, no I have not been bothered at all, he delivered the best news I've heard in a long time and then told the story. But he almost turned his nose up... WHY do some feel that they're above others?
    Another time when driving up the mountain in the early morning, we had spotted a man, on the side of the road, hiding under a protruding rock. He was naked and some bypassing field workers put some rice and a can with tea for him to feed on. We had gathered some of Pierer's jeans and t-shirt and put it in a shopping bag and placed it next to him. How great to see him laying there on our descent, being dressed in Pieter's jeans and t-shirt. One never knows how and why they end up like that but it is easy to imagine it is YOU in that spot. What would you feel?
    Nowadays there is way too much fake. From artificial created 'faces' and claws to the denial of any ties to our inherited and taught religion. It seems to be the 'cool' thing to do. Sorry but I will not deny what I know and live by - EVER!

    1. What a wonderful story of your kindness towards others, Mariette. Thank you so much. May God bless you for this.

      There is a lot of poverty and neglect in the world. Yet people turn their heads and look the other way.

      God bless you and your family.

  9. The advert portion of this post was right on. I can’t figure out what most of them mean anyway, because they are so vague and stupid. I agree with you in being your own class - not better or worse than anyone else. We all start out even, but that gets complicated somewhere along the way. In Christ we all remain important. Thanks for a good read, God bless.

    1. It's so nice to see you visiting me again, Nells. Thank you so much.

      I agree, a lot of adverts are vague and stupid. And I am in a class of my own in the sight of God.

      May God bless you always.



God bless you.