Sunday 12 January 2014

No door-to-door salesmen in Heaven

A door-to-door salesman called on me the other day and he was selling doors.

He had three doors strapped on his back to show potential clients the different qualities available; and he was also carrying two suitcases. One was full of locks and handles for clients to choose, and the other case was full of hinges of different sizes and materials.

As he stooped down to place the two suitcases he was carrying on the ground, he bent forward a little, and the doors on his back hit me hard on the forehead.

I had a cut on my head and it started bleeding.

"Do you have any Band-Aid and bandage dressing?" he asked.

"Do you need some too?" I replied, "where did you hurt yourself?"

"Not for me ... for you ..." he said. "Anyway ... it's stopped bleeding now and I'm glad you didn't damage my doors."

He then unstrapped the three doors off his back and proceeded to explain how well made they were. One was made of oak, another of mahogany, and the third was cheap plastic in case I couldn't afford the other two.

"It's the de-lux economy version ..." he called it.

I explained that I already had a door which suited me quite nicely, thank you.

He suggested I buy a door as a spare in case something happened to my existing front door. Or alternatively I could replace my existing door which, he said, looked rather cheap and lowered the tone of the neighborhood.

Before I could protest at his insult he opened both suitcases and showed me all the beautiful brass hinges, or steel ones if I'd prefer, and the many locks and door handles which would fit any of the three model doors he was carrying.

It was impossible to get rid of him, even though I politely told him more than once that I had a lifetime supply of doors in my house - front door, back door and a door to every room in the house.

Eventually, he left with no sale.

But he reminded me of another soul-to-soul salesman. He is more subtle in his technique. He leads us to believe that what he is tempting us with is actually what we really want and need and desire. He finds out our weakness and vulnerability and in time makes us believe that what we wish for is really not a sin at all.

I bet he could sell us as many doors as he wants and make us feel that we could not possibly do without them!

I then wondered! Are there cloud-to-cloud salesmen in Heaven? Will they call on me and offer to re-tune my harp?


  1. Poor Victor! You're always getting beat up! Salesmen can definitely be hard to get rid of!

    Funny story and one with a very good lesson as well. Thank you.

    I'm sorry to hear about your nose - perhaps it will grow back? Those skin care products always have strange side effects you know...

    1. Too right Mary. First my forehead is beaten then my nose is shrunk.

      God bless you. Thanx for your visit.

  2. Good story. Made your point very well,

    1. Hi Colleen. Thanx for your visit and your kind comments.

      God bless you.

  3. You have won the Superstar Blogger Award

    1. Wow ... thank you so much Melanie. I doubt I deserve any awards.

      God bless you.



God bless you.