Saturday 22 February 2020

Christ's Temptations

Why was Jesus human? Why was He tempted by the devil?

When Jesus came to earth He came as a human to share humanity with us so that we can accept Him and learn from Him. He was born a human baby, vulnerable, and tiny as all babies are. He grew up a human and shared every emotion we share as human beings.

His very humanity is a very important factor in understanding Jesus; the Son of God.

Let's consider a different scenario of this Son of God coming to visit us here on earth.

Imagine for a minute if He had arrived as a God (which He was/is). Imagine if He suddenly appeared out of nowhere in a flash of lightning and thunder. Imagine if He came on earth like a superman or such other fictional hero. With obvious powers like flying, super strength, X ray vision and so on like we see in the movies.

How do you think we humans would have reacted?

The people of the time would have been in total awe of Him and would have obeyed and followed Him out of fear or wonderment.

Hardly free choice - is it?

So God decided that His Son would come to us as a human. He humbled Himself as a baby born in poverty in a stable. Grew up with the poor and the down and outs - not as a king.

As a human He felt every emotion that we feel. Sadness at the death of Lazarus, pity for the ill and poor ... etc.

As a human He also experienced temptations.

In the desert satan tempted Him: If you are God's Son jump from this temple, turn these stones into bread. Why don't you worship me?

How often does satan tempt us too?

Are there not times when, perhaps like a bright light in our head, we suddenly stop and ask ourselves: "Is this all real? Is there really a God out there? Jesus? Life after death? Can all this be true and do I really believe it?"

I hope these temptations don’t cross our minds too often. Because satan is always there; ready to put these and other thoughts in our minds to lead us astray.

The closer we come to God the harder the devil works to lead us away from Him. No point in tempting those who do not believe is there? Satan is too clever to waste his time on them. Instead he lurks in the shadowy corners of our minds ready to pounce at our moments of weakness. When we're ill perhaps, tired, overworked, confused, sorrowful, doubtful and lacking hope. That's when satan moves in and furtively plants the seeds of doubts and confusion in our minds.

And that’s why Christ had to be tried and tested by satan. In order to share our experiences, but, most important, to be an example to us all on how to fight back these temptations.

Through prayer.

Every time He was tempted Jesus prayed to His Father.

He was tempted again before He was arrested. He asked: "Can all this pass me by?"

Then, in prayer, He obeyed His Father and said: "Not my will, but Yours."

What an example for us all to emulate.


  1. Free will, indeed. I never considered His 'human' experience quite this way. Thank you (again) for prompting me to think beyond the obvious.

    1. I believe, Mevely, that Christ shared our human experience in order to be one of us, and so that we may accept Him as one of us. God made man. Not God a superman with superpowers forcing everyone into submission. Of course as God He did have/does have supernatural Divine powers; but He uses them for our good; often in answer to prayers.

      God bless you, Mevely.

  2. You've explained it all here perfectly, Victor. Jesus had to humble Himself to become one of us so that we could actually relate to Him. And yes, when we're fatigued, hurting, etc., that's when the devil will do his darndest to put fear and doubt in our hearts. Let us pray!

    1. Indeed, let us pray. I need so many prayers right now. Thanx Martha.

      God bless.

    2. Thank you Martha. I'm praying for you and yours.

      God bless.

  3. One of the blessings of our faith is just how human the people of the Bible were. They lived and died and worked to follow G-d, they weren't superman or superwoman, always perfect.

    1. They tried to "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48).

      God bless, Mimi.

  4. Beautifully written. I had a "rule" in my classroom.
    "No one can make you do something you do, say, and behave in a manner that you do not want to do."
    One student said that it would much easier if that rule wasn't up there.

    1. You're right, Susan. It is a difficult rule to follow, but we should try.

      God bless you always.

  5. Jesus as fully human overcame all the temptation of Satan i.e., the lust of eyes, the lust of flesh and Pride of Life. In the same temptation, Adam fell, thus sin and death entered into humanity. However Jesus obedience to the scripture enabled him to overcome the temptation and thus salivation and eternal life were made available to the highlight. Victor thank you so much for reminding us of the love of Christ!!! Perfectly written down.

  6. Thanks for showing us the different side of god almighty. It is powerful to consider him human and take inspiration from his experience. It is a feeling close to God and I am relishing every moment if it.



God bless you.