Tuesday 28 July 2020

Song Saves Twenty Babies

BACKGROUND - Father Francis Maple has been a Franciscan monk for 57 years.

Some years ago he recorded a Pro-Life song entitled A Cry from the Heart and was released originally on casette tapes (later on CDs). He says on the tape cover, "I would like to dedicate this song to any young girl or woman who may listen to it and decide not to have an abortion. Life is God's gift."

Thankfully, the song has saved many babies from abortion. Their pregnant mothers heard the song and decided not to go ahead with abortion.

Father Francis has sung in public over the years (and still does) in malls, shopping centres and at his own concerts and has raised over £1m for charity. He has also written several books (sermons, cooking recipes, jokes), and has contributed (and still does) to many newspaper columns and Catholic newspapers and magazines.

Listen to what he has to say in this interview:
Mommy keep me safe, mommy keep me warm

Handle me with care, mommy help me to form.

I am ten weeks old, and I know the time will come
when you will give birth to me.

The gift you gave to me are a pair of bright blue eyes
So some day I will see you smile and love me.

I’ve already got my arms and a little podgy nose,
And at the end of my feet I’ve got five little toes.

I look forward to my life, ice cream and slimy snails,
teddy bears and little fairy tales.

Going for walks in the park
Running home before it’s dark.
And being tucked into bed with a kiss.

Where are we going today?
Am I in a boat or bus?

Why are we lying down?
Being drawn on four wheels?

And we go through the door
and there’s people dressed in green.
Everything seems so strange and so clean.

Mommy if they hurt you just let out a scream
and I know someone will come to help you and me.

Mommy what’s going on I am starting to cry
Come quickly they are forcing me to die.

They are killing me mommy, they are pulling me apart
My arms and my legs and now they’re at my heart.

And I won’t see the sky, or the grass or the trees.
and I won’t see the moon, or feel the breeze.

I love you mommy dear, you know I really do
But I only wish you could have loved me too!

Improved version of the song HERE
Father Francis book of sermons HERE


  1. A gentle reminder of our little ones yet to be born. God protect them, keep them safe.

  2. Oh, Father in Heaven: in these dangerous & perilous times, please remind every young expectant mother that You have a plan for her AND for her child! Turn the hearts of all young mothers-to-be TOWARDS their unborn children -- to love & care for them; and to look forward to their new role in the world! Dear God, I also pray that you will turn the hearts of the 'fathers' of the child/children, now being considered for an abortion by their own mothers -- towards the young woman currently contemplating aborting his (their) unborn child. Help him to make a real commitment to BEING a father to this child. Make a way, Lord! Amen.

    1. Amen Suzanne. Thank you for this prayer.

      God bless.

  3. I remember this wonderful song! Altho it's absolutely heartbreaking, I pray its message continues to save countless unborn children. God bless those boys and their teacher, too.

    PS - I know it's wrong, but I cannot fathom forgiving the men and women who conduct these horrid procedures.

    1. Mevely ... I know exactly how you feel. The world is full of people who do wrong; and I know, the human thing to do is not to forgive. It is natural not to forgive. It is natural to want to fight a wrong.

      But it is supernatural, Divine even, to forgive. So why not hand these people over to the Lord. Why not pray for them. Yes, pray for them. You cannot possibly hate someone you pray for. Ask God to touch their heart. Ask Him to forgive them ... because you can't!

      God bless you my friend. Let peace be in your heart.

  4. How wonderfully God arranges what we hear and see every day. This morning my dearest and I listened to Dr. David Jeremiah give two messages on his radio broadcast titled "Where are the Children". Showing from Scripture that they are in the loving arms of Jesus.
    What a powerful song...what a message. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, Wanda. Where are the children indeed.

      God bless always.

  5. It is so sad, the way the world is today. What i wish is that we could work together to form a world where no young woman ever has to make this horrible choice again.

    1. You're right, Mimi. But sadly, the world is not perfect. Many people think they know best.

      God bless.



God bless you.