Wednesday 28 August 2019

On the phone ...

Psychiatrist: Hello Mrs Stevens ... how may I help you?

Mrs Stevens: Oh Hallo ... you remember I came to see you last week ...

Psychiatrist: Yes ... I do recall ... continue ...

Mrs Stevens: I explained that I was afraid to go to sleep because of monsters under the bed ... there were monsters under the bed ...

Psychiatrist: Yes ... yes ... I do recall ... please continue ...

Mrs Stevens: And you advised me to cut the legs off the bed ...

Psychiatrist: ... and did that work?

Mrs Stevens: No ... it didn't ... now I am afraid of squashed monsters under the bed.

Psychiatrist: Squashed monsters?

Mrs Stevens: Yes ... they are squashed under the bed with no legs ... I am afraid they might slip out and get me ...

Psychiatrist: Please calm down Mrs Stevens ... there are no squashed monsters under your bed ... there are no such things as monsters ...

Mrs Stevens: Why did you get me to cut the legs off my bed then?

Psychiatrist: ... because ... because .... ehm ...

Mrs Stevens: Ah ... got you there didn't I? You were just humouring me ...

Psychiatrist: No Mrs Stevens ... look ... let's consider this. Is it possible that these monsters are a manifestation of your many fears and worries?

Mrs Stevens: What do you mean?

Psychiatrist: You know ... many people have various fears. The fear of getting old for instance. Of having wrinkles. The fear of not looking as youthful and beautiful as in one's youth. The fear of not being loved. The fear of ...

Mrs Stevens: All right ... all right wise guy ... what's this leading to?

Psychiatrist: Well ... is it possible that you have some such worries? I mean ... you are young and beautiful and desirable, of course. So it wouldn't be that. But is there another fear or worry on your mind?

Mrs Stevens: You mean ... if I conquer my fears then all would be well?

Psychiatrist: Precisely ...

Mrs Stevens: And I have nothing to fear but fear itself?

Psychiatrist: Exactly so ...

Mrs Stevens: And there is no such thing as monsters?

Psychiatrist: Yes indeed ...

Mrs Stevens: Then if there is no such thing as monsters why are you hiding in the cupboard my little darling monster?


  1. Whaaaat? The mind is a terrible thing to waste. (LOL)

    1. I think this psychiatrist is taking a very personal interest in Mrs Stevens!!!

      God bless you, Mevely. Keep smiling.

  2. Funny post be sure.
    But to be on the safe side I checked my cupboard and no tiny monster was there.

    But I did find Dust Bunnies under my bed :)

    Have a wonderful day Victor!

    God's Blessings ✝

    1. I know, Jan. Where does all the dust come from? And spiders too? What do they expect to find to eat inside a home? A hamburger caught in their webs?

      God bless you always.

  3. Kind of makes me wonder what’s behind the shower curtain and other places. 😇 But, that’s another conversation for another time. LOL

    1. Hi Keith,

      How nice to see you visiting here. Thanx. Please return soon and often.

      So glad you enjoyed this post.

      God bless you.

  4. LOL, laughing can be habit forming. :)

    1. Yes, and it's very good for you. Another psychiatrist post tomorrow.

      God bless, Bill.

  5. LOL!
    Very good Victor :)

    All the best Jan



God bless you.