Friday 4 September 2020

Future Evolution And You


Charles Darwin was a controversial Englishman, naturalist and geologist who lived between 1809 and 1882. He came up with the idea of evolution. That is to say that humans have evolved over many many years from another species of animal - basically monkeys.

A lot of people at the time, and ever since, have disagreed with this theory. However, others believe that it is a possibility that humans, and other species for that matter, can evolve in time to adapt with their new environment and to protect themselves. That is not to say that the species have evolved into something different, ... no ... the species is the same but it has evolved from its original version of itself.

Let me explain. 

In Northern England there was a particular species of moth which was white. As Northern England was industrialised in Victorian times and factories and homes burnt coal; more and more buildings became darker in appearance as the coal dust from the smoke settled on brickworks and generally everywhere.

In time, that particular kind of moth bred a new offspring which was darker in colour to enable it to camouflage from its prey. So a different species evolved; but in essence it was the same moth which changed colour through the generations. 

When eventually Britain stopped burning coal as a fuel and new buildings were put up, (or the old ones cleaned), after various generations that moth changed back to its original lighter colour.

The same argument can be made for the human species. As time goes by we "evolve" or adapt to survive our various environments. There is evidence for instance that in the Middle Ages people were much smaller and shorter than they are now. This is seen from the size of doorways in castles, and from bones found in graves. But as time went by and diets improved, as well as health standards, today's people are much bigger and stronger compared to their Middle Ages counterpart.

It is also thought, (mainly by me), that prehistoric man had his nose upside down. At any sign of rain many people drowned. So over time we bred a new race with the nose the right way up ... or down ... Today, many people go round with an ugly face as if they have a permanent bad smell under their nose. But at least they're not drowning.

Darwin wrote a book entitled On the Origin of the Species where he explains where different species come from. It is not as entertaining or enlightening as my books.

Charles Darwin also spent some time in the Galapolos Islands where large tortoises live. He observed that on islands with humid conditions the tortoises are larger with domed shells and short necks. On dry islands however the tortoises are smaller with longer necks. 

He also discovered the very first claustrophobic tortoises which would not go into their shells because they were afraid of the dark. Conversely, in another island he discovered other tortoises which would not come out of their shells because they were afraid of open spaces, (agoraphobic), and also because they were dead! He also discovered that the slug is a snail without a home because he believed in minimalism and was a free spirit going anywhere unencumbered by a house on his back and a mortgage twice the size!

Following Darwin's theory of evolution to its inevitable conclusion, some scientists today believe that humans will continue to evolve in order to adapt to our ever changing environment and living conditions. 

For example, modern man has no use whatsoever for toe nails, (except for those who collect them as a hobby), and it is feasible that future generations will grow without toe nails. 

This gradual evolution in human beings will in time develop into new beings replacing us on this planet. Already we are seeing signs of people with brains incapable of any original thought apart from taking millions of selfies and posting them on social media for no apparent reason. 

Or people foolishly following the example of equally brainless celebrities with no apparent talent apart from being famous morons. In time, this new race of humanoids will conquer the earth and rule it to oblivion.

Scientists also believe that as we get busier and busier in an ever faster world of people competing with each other we will develop a second mouth. We would use one mouth for talking, (mainly nonsense), or talking inanely on our cell-phones to each other; and another mouth for eating ourselves into a rounder figure.

Personally, I'd like a mouth on top of my head. This way I could put a sandwich under my hat and eat it whilst going to work.

It would also be a good idea to have an extra eye. Say at the end of your index finger. This way you could clean your ear and see what's inside at the same time. Or you could look round corners by just bending your index finger round the wall. There are so many fun things you could do with an extra eye at the end of your finger.

You could also have an extra eye at the end of your toe. That would be useful when you poke your foot out from under the covers in bed and see who is in the room with you.

You know how you sometimes wish you had an extra pair of hands? Scientists believe that this may well happen in future with humans having two pairs of hands both coming from the side like now. This way I could drive the car and scratch my bottom at the same time.

Being very attentive and able to listen to all messages that the world throws at us simultaneously would mean that in future we would grow an extra ear growing out of our forehead. This would be known as the Final Front Ear.

Evolution would not of course just be limited to humans. Scientists could grow a turkey with 12 legs so we can have one each on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Problem is ... he'd run too fast and we won't be able to catch it. Scrap that idea!

Can you think of any evolutionary ideas which would benefit us in the future? Don't be shy now ... let your imagination run wild and share your thoughts with us. Is there anything about you you would like to evolve or grow better or in a different place?


  1. ...many men today aren't as intelligent has your average monkey!

    1. Now that is really true. Sadly, peoples' intelligence is decreasing with every generation.

      God bless, Tom.

  2. I would like a pair of wings so I could fly. :)

    1. That would be a marvellous evolutionary step, Bill. I agree. I wish I could fly too. The thing is, who would provide the catering and hostess service if I'm flying all by myself?

      God bless always.

  3. Fascinating ... and funny as heck! Methinks you're spot-on about the mindset of today's millennials. Glad hubby and I won't be around to see what becomes of our world, but I fear for our grandchildren, and theirs.

    1. Mevely, here is the sad facts. I have contacts in education and it is becoming apparent that with each generation, (or year set), the level of intelligence and knowledge is reducing. For example, a ten year old today would not have the same intelligence/knowledge that a ten year old five or ten years ago would have. This is happening across all age groups, and on all subjects - e.g. maths, English, history, geography etc ... Some 16 year olds do not have the basic knowledge in maths.

      Reading standards are falling because children do not read any more. Everything is instant videos, texts, prescriptive texts, new invented words like LOL, OMG, etc ...

      Often, youngsters just do not want to learn. There's this belief that everyone will become famous as a celebrity and be a star on TV. I have seen wasted lives in pursuance of this belief; and the tragedy is that these people are breeding a generation less intelligent than them.

      Here in the UK, I see fewer people achieving great heights because they are encouraged and pushed by high achieving parents who want them and urge them to succeed. These youngsters normally go to private (expensive) schools and end up at the top universities learning important subjects rather than inane studies like media studies, sports history, or music through the ages!

      Sorry about the rant, Mevely.

      God bless.

    2. No apologies necessary, Victor! Nice to know we're of the same mindset. Even my husband said, "He's written what I've been saying all along."

    3. It is very sad and worrying, Mevely. This young generation will be left with a potential disaster on their hands - one very much of their own making. A lot of them just do not want to learn. Some do not attend set classes; others do not bother to do the work set for them.

      God bless.

  4. Maybe, with all our technology at the ready, humans are devolving instead of evolving. I hope that's not the case, but when I see some of the drivel being spewed out there, it makes me wonder if anyone thinks deeply anymore. And I'm with Bill - I'd love some wings!
    Blessings, Victor!

    1. Martha, coincidently you were writing here at the same time I was responding to Mevely above.

      Yes, it is my belief that people are devolving, (or evolving backwards). The falling level of intelligence and knowledge is frightening with each generation. You often see, and read in the news, greater heights of stupidity amongst so called adults born in the late 70s and after. Thinking and personal responsibility are out of fashion.

      God bless.

  5. Whether we continue to evolve is the question. Is is posible to return to the original species by simply becoming neanderthal in behavior in this present age? I wonder. Interesting post! Have a grand weekend!

    1. I have met many neanderthals in my time.

      God bless, Cathy.

  6. Dearest Victor,
    That was an excellent post and a lot of food for thoughts. There always in nature can be spontaneous mutations, let's hope that will be the case.
    But God forbid if they are wired with the same big EGO and Selfie Urge...
    No, more than a decaying generation, we seem to be motivating a passive generation without any morals. Just for convenience, those pesky old fashioned morals are all cleared away. For more happiness and freedom.
    Well, each freedom needs to be earned; only that creates the true feeling.
    We better pray real hard or so many will go down the drain and down in intelligence. Things can be learned and passed on but if the learning stops and is replaced by useless things, it will no longer get passed on...
    Oh, how lovely it would be to have an extra eye. Never had two good working ones, so that would be a dream!
    My biggest fear is having my cataract surgery on my only good eye... what IF. When no writing/reading is possible, that means almost the end of life.

    1. First of all, Mariette, I am praying for you regarding your health issues. Trust God.

      Secondly, you are so right in all you say about today's young society. Yse, they are vain, narcissist and arrogant. One youngster I know of would not attend classes because he claimed "he knows it all!" The teacher challenged him and put him up for an exam. He failed miserably.

      This arrogant attitude seems to be endemic in today's young generation, and they seem to have no hope or aspiration in the future.

      Not all of them, I hasten to add. Those from good parents are encouraged and pushed to do better and exam results are astounding. Some teachers I know have observed this marked difference amongst students of the same age in the same class.

      God bless, Mariette.

  7. If evolution were correct, mothers would have extra arms so as to hold the baby and keep doing bunches of other things at the same time!

    1. Brilliant ... you make a good point, Mimi.

      God bless you my friend.



God bless you.