Thursday 22 September 2022

More things I don't understand


There may be many things which I don't understand. It's people's behaviour mostly. Why do people behave the way that they do? And does their behaviour affect other peoples' behaviour?

Like what happened today. Do you know leggings? Those very tight elasticated lycra socks that hug one's legs tightly all the way up into pants or trousers. Well, today I was at the supermarket and there was this young woman, (mid twenties I guess), wearing what I would call body-leggings. It was a one piece whole body lycra suit in pink hugging her every contour from feet all the way up to the neck. It hugged so tight it left very little to the imagination, including the bits my eyes focussed on. I thought she was naked at first. If a man had been wearing this he'd have been arrested for indecent exposure so hugging it was.

Why do people do that? Don't they have anyone telling them how they look? She was accompanied by a man.

Another thing I don't understand - buying software. If you wish to buy any software for your computer or cell-phone; things like computer games, or word processing or accountancy or whatever programs; you have to sign a contract or licence agreement or terms and conditions of use. This is basically a contract between you and the provider or seller of the software. Normally this contract goes on and on for at least a million pages. Does anyone bother to read all that? People normally agree to the terms because they want the software or computer game and without agreeing they just can't use the product.

The other day I read the contract for a particular software. Did you know that in Paragraph 379, sub paragraph 69 it says that you should wear a three piece suit whilst using the program? It does not specify what women should be wearing.That's how ridiculous those long contracts can be.

Another example, I stood there at the elevator door and pressed the button on the wall to call the elevator. It was a bit slow and you could see from the numbers above the door where the elevator was. I waited patiently.

A man came and stood beside me and the first thing he did is press the button on the wall. He noticed me looking at him, he smiled and said, "Did you press the button?"

I replied, "No, I was testing whether the elevator would come by telepathy alone!"

Why do people do that? Why press the button? 

And what is worse, once you're in the elevator there is always a smart Alec who takes control and asks you which floor you want so he can press all the buttons. I got so irritated once that I told such a man that I did not want to go anywhere. I was only in the elevator for the ride and to meet people.

And another thing I don't understand. I went to the fast food restaurant because I was in a hurry to go to the rest room. An attendant noticed me and said, "The rest rooms are for customers only!"

I was bursting to go, so I said, "I am a customer. I was here and bought a hamburger and fries last week and did not go to the toilet. So I am going now instead of last week. Also, many times I bought from here and did not go to the toilet; so you owe me a few more visits!"

He frowned and was not convinced. So I said, "If you don't let me go I'll do it here and you'll have a bigger problem on your hands ... or on your floor!"

He let me go.

Do you know how you can earn air miles, or some hotels give you free nights if you visit them often? Why can't fast food outlets give you toilet visits the more often you use them? You can have a plastic card on which to add your toilet visits and use them when you need to go ... or give them as a present to someone else!

And one more thing I don't understand. When watching the news or weather forecast on TV I noticed a great number of female presenters are pregnant. Please ladies; don't get upset at me for mentioning this. But these presenters often wear tight dresses and stand side ways to accentuate the fact they are expecting a baby. Time and again they stand in profile to make their point.

And there's more ... over here we also have the pollen count after the weather forecast. People are shown various numbers on a big screen showing the map of the UK. Now that's something not to be sneezed at! Don't you think?


  1. Human beings are indeed hard to understand and their motivation for doing many things baffles me. But, on the other hand it's beautiful that we are all the same but different. And whilst we don't always understand why we do what we do, we can learn so much and rejoice in those differences. And I'm so glad everyone's not exactly like me. That would be awful.

    1. Some people often do or say the most daft of things; it's amazing.

      God bless, Grams.

  2. list of unknowns goes on and on.

  3. Now I'm laughing out loud and my pups think I've gone daft. Oh, if only I had the moxie to use those elevator lines myself someday.

    1. Glad I made you laugh, Mevely. That's good. I really don't understand peoples' behaviour in elevators. Also, when crossing the road, I have pressed the button to show I want to cross; then someone else comes and presses the button again. Why do they do that?

      God bless always.

  4. Hi Victor, enjoyed reading your post, there is just one thing I don't understand though. If you don't understand why some young women wear tight leggings, then why do you focus your eyes upon them. This could be the answer to your question. Ha ha!

    1. I focussed on the young woman to check that all her curves were in the right place, Brenda. Someone has to do it.

      God bless.

  5. I've been known to pop in a fast food place because I need to use the facilities, Victor. Then, I usually start feeling guilty and think I should order something while there. If I caved into that guilt more often, I'd weigh a lot more than I do now!

    1. The problem in the UK, Martha, is that many public toilets provided by the local authorities, (Council), are closing down. It is a legal requirements for restaurants, some large supermarkets and department stores to provide public toilets. But they don't like non-customers using them. Especially the fast-food burger type places.

      And another thing ... why don't they provide toilets in elevators? That would be an up-lifting experience!

      God bless you always.

  6. There is not much modesty around now a days!!!

    1. Yes that's true, Happyone. She was wearing one of those garments they have in a gym and decided to go shopping in it.

      God bless.

  7. Dearest Victor,
    Good points—so true about those 'agreements' that nobody reads or WANTS to read.
    Those leggings and other outfits—make me always wonder if those people don't have a mirror at home?!
    One would not even want to be seen in any of those, even when dashing quickly to the mailbox.
    And true, there are always people in elevators that instantly become 'operators'.
    As for the toilets—for customers only...
    Haha, once when boarding in Jakarta on our KLM flight to Amsterdam and on to Atlanta, we did NOT have an upgrade for that segment. Often when checking in with our Royal Wing Card we got that! We always could check–in Business class, so that helped us a lot.
    So I pulled the Business Class curtain aside and stood before the Business Class toilet. A purser tapped me on my shoulder and said—Sorry, only for Business Class people! I turned around very fast and replied—So, I can check in Business Class with my Royal Wing Card but you tell me that I CANNOT PEE Business Class?! And of course I quickly went inside.
    After returning to my seat, that same purser came with an air–sick bag in which he'd hidden a Delft blue house and he apologized!
    Each time when we did board on a KLM flight in the future, Pieter nudged me and asked—don't you have to go and pee...?!
    But the list seems endless and one wonders if people will ever behave normal again.

    1. Thank you for your amusing lovely story about your flights, Mariette. It is so difficult when there aren't any toilets available when we are in need to go.

      As for the woman in body-leggings. She was probably proud to show off her body to everyone.

      God bless you and Pieter.

  8. There's no sneezing at any of your points.

    The young lady in the bodysuit has never been taught that modesty can be very alluring. I feel sad for her.

    While i don't read every word of those agreements, i do skim over them and look for anything suspicious. One time i was trying to sign up for something with a company, and part of the agreement said that if while connected my computer ever gave their computer a virus, i would be held liable and would have to pay, personally, for removing the virus from all their company computers, and this was a multi-million dollar company. No, thank you! I did not check that agreement, i did without it.

    1. Some of those computer agreements are so long I wonder if many people read them anyway. And if they don't agree with a clause they can't exactly complain about it.

      I agree with about the woman in bodysuit. She probably thought people would admire her.

      God bless, Mimi.



God bless you.