Wednesday 7 September 2022

Thank you for your Reviews

I would like to thank my many loyal and supportive readers for their encouragement and for their kind reviews of my books on AMAZON. Your reviews help others and hopefully someone somewhere may be encouraged to learn more about God as a result.

Here are some recent reviews.


Already knowing author Victor from several previously purchased books, I certainly knew this would be GOOD. That has proven to be an understatement as this was so much more!
Victor manages to write so engaging, so transforming and he explains things so well—using the amiable Father Ignatius as main character. WISH there would be many more Father Ignatius figures in this world and plenty of writers for jotting it down for others to ENJOY and LEARN!

Too bad that I lacked the time and only found time during rainy days... Have begun the next one; More Reflections for the soul! Go ahead and order this excellent book and I bet, you won't be able to put it down...

Mariette Vedder
Mariette's Back to Basics


Everything you ever wanted to know .... .... but were embarrassed to ask. :)
As ever, the author's narrative flows easily, and provides answers to 'those' niggling questions. Thank you!

Myra G

Christian Theories Explained. To be honest I expected a good novel. I have read some excellent novels by Moubarak. This one took me by surprise, the surprise was pleasant. Being a Protestant much of the Roman Catholic Church is a mystery to me. I actually loved the book. One comment said: The answers to questions you won't ask (paraphrased). That is a very good example. I was impressed at the professional way beliefs in heaven, hell, eternity were covered. Along with the Nicene (?) Creed. I most assuredly appreciated the book. I appreciated the explanations of Purgatory, not fully convinced but it was very well placed. You would not be disappointed with this read.

Kindle Customer


Easy-to-read. Surprising in parts. Did you know some Catholics pray in tongues?

This is an easy-to-read book about the Christian faith from a Catholic perspective. As a non-denominational, evangelical Christian I expected to have some differences of opinion. What I found instead was similar opinions, some identical, and just a few differences. It's good. Easy to read. The author has a likeable, relatable "voice"-- I read it, not audio.

Howard and Sandi


This book certainly fed me! If you haven't already met the lovable and caring Fr. Ignatius, here is your chance! Take Care of My Sheep is a collection of thoughtful and inspiring stories by author Victor S E Moubarak, stories that star Fr. Ignatius and the varied experiences he encounters that cry out for his Christian knowledge and gentle demeanor. When I'm feeling down, I pick this book up and immerse myself in one of the stories - they never grow old! ~Martha Orlando, author of A Trip, a Tryst and a Terror, Children in the Garden, The Moment of Truth, Revenge!, Redemption, and Revelation, all available on Amazon.

Martha J Orlando


A PRIEST??? This is a very well written 'Who Done It'. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, and many original lines. The one I remember most was concerning a conversation in which the old saying "If someone yells in a vacuum can it be heard?" You have to appreciate the wit of the author and also the surprise ending. It is a very enjoyable read and I definitely would recommend the author. Yep, tis a fun read.

Jack Darnell

There are many other kind reviews from my readers. Some have reviewed several books of mine. Once again, I thank you all and may God bless you always.




  1. Dearest Victor,
    You are so well deserving of those words!
    WISH I would find more time for reading...

    1. Thank you so much, Mariette, for your continuing support and encouragement. I am humbled and very appreciative.

      God bless you and Pieter.

  2. ...I wish you great successful and fulfillment.

  3. Thank you, Victor! I just wish I could write as eloquently as Martha and Mariette. Keep writing ... and we'll keep reading!

    1. Many thanx for supporting me, Mevely. I'm very grateful.

      Right now, I am writing two Christian books; one is a collection of Fr Ignatius short stories. I don't think the devil wants them to be written - so many obstacles in my way!!!

      God bless always.

    2. Yes, Satan is roaming freely. Lifting my prayers.

    3. Thank you so much, Mevely.

      God bless, my friend.

  4. We that read appreciate the writer that can grab and hold your thinking. YOu always do. Thanks, I need to read a few more.....
    Love from this side...

    1. Thank you so much, Jack. You've always been so kind to me. Hope you're all keeping well. Praying for you.

      God bless you and Sherry.



God bless you.