Thursday 23 April 2009


I got lost the other day … yes lost !

I was out driving in the countryside showing off to some friends from abroad the beauty of my part of the world. I turned left and right and left again not paying attention to road signs (not many in the countryside) and before I knew it I really didn’t know where I was.

Some of the signs pointed to towns and villages I’d never heard off and I really didn’t know whether I was heading North or South. I pretended I knew what I was doing of course. You won’t find me admitting to a mistake … no, never !!!

Eventually we found our way home … and without asking for directions either !!!

You know, life’s like that sometimes. We find ourselves at a cross-road and don’t really know where to turn.

Should we change career? Move to another place? Do this or do that? Do we do it now or later? How much later?

I think at times like these it is more important to focus on God rather than focus on what we’re to do and when. After all, He allowed us to be where we are at this point in time and surely, if we hold His hand, He will see us through it.

Set your hearts on the things that are in Heaven ... Keep your minds fixed on things there, not on things here on earth. Collossians 3:1-2.


  1. Good point Vic. Sometimes we do stand at a crossroads and wonder which turn we should take; however, if we focus upon the Lord - we need not worry about taking a wrong turning because He will direct our paths.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    In all your ways acknowledge Him,
    and He shall direct your paths. -- Proverbs 3:5-6

  2. Thanx Wendy,

    The problem is that sometimes we're too frightened to rely on God, prefering instead to focus on ourselves and our ability (or inability) to sort things out.

    Reminds me of Peter when he jumped in the water expecting to walk towards Christ then ...

    Vic M



God bless you.