Wednesday 8 April 2009


A very rich woman in hospital in intensive care dies for a few seconds. She sees herself leave her body in a near death experience and meets God in Heaven. “Is that it?” she asks Him, “Am I dead?”

“No,” says God, “you will live for many more years yet!”

She recovers in hospital and is well again. She is so cheerful that she decides to improve herself. She gets plastic surgery done on her face, loses some weight, gets her hair re-styled and dyed a different colour, gets a new set of stylish clothes and looks terrific once again.

A few days later she is hit by a bus and killed instantly.

When she meets God she complains, “I thought you said I’ll live for many years yet!”

God replies, “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you after the make-over!”

When we look in the mirror, do we like what we see?

Is there anything about us we would like to change?

I don’t mean physical characteristics, but things about our character and personality. A little kinder perhaps, more generous, less glum and moody and a bit more hopeful and joyful.

Dear Lord, please help to change me into someone you recognize and like.

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