Monday 6 April 2009

Relying on God.

A little child of six was taught by his parents that Jesus is always with him. Helping him, protecting him and guiding him as he goes through life.

One day the child was out riding his tricycle. He was pedaling as hard as he could up a hill followed by his parents on their cycles. No matter how hard his little legs went round and round, the tricycle hardly moved up the steep hill.

Eventually the child got off the tricycle and said: “It’s no use Jesus, you’ll have to get off and help me push it up the hill!”

There are times in life when we are really down. Maybe it’s because we’re over-tired. Or it is because things have been going badly for us lately. Things out of our personal control perhaps, like the illness of someone we love, or loss of a job, failure in exams and so on.

That’s the time when, like a child, we should stop and ask Jesus to help.


  1. Yes - it is indeed reassuring to know that we can call upon our Helper in times of need but not only in times of need but call upon Him in good times too.

    I hope you don't mind but I would love my friends and colleagues at work to read your posts mvic. Would it be okay to send them your blog address details and email these posts to them? W McCallum

  2. Thanx for your comments.

    I don't mind if you tell the whole world about this Blog - as long as it helps just one person.

    I don't know about emailing the posts to them. I am not a techie so I don't know how to do that. Can they not log in like you do ... or does one have to be a member of Blogger to read these posts?

    Have I only been talking to Blogger people so far? How does the system work?

    I told friends to type

    They did and got to my Blog.

    So I'm now totally confused - easily done. Perhaps you'll let me know if anyone (i.e. non Blogger people) can read my and your Blogs.

    Thanx and god bless.

    Vic Moubarak

  3. When you click on the envelope beside the comments - it opens up into blogger email format. You then type in each email address (or in my case - I'd have to copy and paste the emails in 'cos there's about 20). Then you hit send (after filling out one or two other things which the blog site requires and it arrives in their email box with the blogsite address on it. They have to then copy and paste it into their browser and then it takes them to the particular post which has been highlighted to read on your site.



God bless you.