Tuesday 14 April 2009

Memory Lapses.

Two elderly couples are having a pleasant evening meal together. When they finish the ladies go to the kitchen whilst the men stay at the table enjoying a brandy and a cigar.

The host says to the guest: Jolly nice restaurant we went to last night. I can really recommend it.

The guest replies: Really? What’s it called?

The host mumbles: Ehmmm let me think … what’s the name of that flower you give when you’re in love … you know … usually red with thorns …

The guest says: A rose.

The host replies: That’s right …

Then looking towards the kitchen he says: Rose … what’s the name of that restaurant we went to yesterday?

We all have lapses in memory from time to time. So let’s jog our collective memories for a few moments.

Have we forgotten to say thank you to someone lately? God, for instance, for all He has done for us.

Or a relative or friend who has been kind to us?

Have we failed to say sorry for any hurt we may have caused?

Have we missed someone’s birthday and did not send a card?

Let us not forget that some things in life are too important to forget.


  1. Good point. I have a terrible memory for some things. I forget names, instructions, etc... I even forgot my young nieces birthday recently! However, thank you for this reminder that we need to to be thankful to God above all else. I am very thankful that He does not forget us.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Happy Birthday to your niece.

    Vic M



God bless you.