Saturday, 4 April 2009

Repeat Sin.

A woman was taken to hospital with two burnt ears. When asked how it happened she replied: The phone rang whilst I was ironing. The doctor said: That explains one burnt ear. What about the other? The woman replied: That happened when I rang for an ambulance.

OK … before any ladies reading this get upset with me, let me apologise and explain that I couldn’t have said a man was ironing, since, as we all know, men can’t iron a handkerchief to save their lives.

And if any men are upset by my comments let them prove me wrong by doing the household ironing for a month.

Right, now let’s get back to the message behind the joke.

Why can’t we learn from our mistakes? There’s nothing wrong in getting it wrong every now and then as long as we learn from it and get it right.

“Go, but do not sin again.” John 8:11.

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