Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Are you listening?

There is a great difference of course between hearing and listening.

We hear the noise of the traffic outside, an airplane flying overhead or the TV in the background and we pay no attention.

But when we listen we have to concentrate, to pay attention, to understand and remember what is being said. It is difficult and tiring.

Our level of concentration depends on who is doing the talking. From a baby saying his first words, to a child seeking our attention or our spouse or boss speaking – our level of concentration and listening differs greatly.

It therefore follows that the more important to us the speaker is, and the more vital the message, the more we have to listen carefully.

And who is more important than God?

Is He speaking to you right now?

Are you listening?


  1. I agree. When I pray I seem to keep going and going without listening. What would be your advice on how to listen to God better? When do you know its God speaking?

  2. God can speak through a sermon, another Christian, Christian radio, a blogsite, etc. This past week, everywhere I have turned, I keep hearing about 'renewing the mind'. I have taken everything back to compare it against the Word of God and it lines up and I believe this is God speaking to me. Sometimes, God does not repeat something over and over (usually He does when it is something very important); but just sometimes, what is being said witnesses with the Spirit of God within you that God is speaking. God is not limited to how He speaks to us. He may even speak to us through an event or situation, etc but the important thing is that we need to be prepared to listen. What God says to us is always for our benefit and His glory.

  3. Hi Dan,

    The best way to listen, to God or to anyone else, is by being quiet. By being quiet we are more able to listen.

    When praying, devote a few minutes to complete and utter silence. Relax, breath slowly and try to clear your mind of all the clutter it gathers throughout a busy day.

    Sometimes, all you'll hear is peace and all is well within you and in your life. That's the Lord's peace.

    You ask: when do you know it is God speaking? Believe me, when it is Him you will know alright. He has a way of ensuring that you understand it is Him speaking and not you wishing to hear what you want to hear.

    As Anonymous said above, God speaks to us in many ways, through a sermon, through another Christian or a Blog or whatever. The message seems so timely and in answer to a problem or concern we had on our mind at the time and that we prayed about.

    If it is in line with the Bible's teaching, and He has made it clear that it is from Him, that's when we know He has spoken to us.

    God bless.



God bless you.