Monday, 22 June 2009

A good read.

Once again I had reason to stay in a hotel.

What a spacious room with all the facilities you need. En suite bathroom, hairdryer, trouser press, ironing board and iron, colour TV with multi channels, internet access, playstation, two telephones (one for each ear I suspect), hot and cold drinks facilities, an extensive menu of a variety of foods delivered to your room 24 hours a day ...

I wonder … I asked myself.

And yes; the very first drawer I opened contained the Bible.

It’s a jolly good read you know, when you have a few spare minutes in a hotel room.

I always make a point upon departing from a hotel to leave the Bible open at John 3:16.

You never know, maybe the housekeeping staff may just stop and read it some day.


  1. You never know indeed - the other day I found my cleaner at Oxford leafing through the Bible on my desk. A rather more fulfilling activity than cleaning my mess I'm sure!

  2. Hi Athanasius,

    Welcome to my Blog - hope you like it.

    Indeed we never know who might read what we leave lying around - either at your desk or in hotel rooms. And it would of course be wonderful if that perchance glance at an open Bible may lead someone to find the Lord. If only we knew ...

    I suspect the same applies to Christian Blogs, websites or books. Once our words are written down somewhere we no longer have control of who might read them or how they react to them.

    Quite a responsibility methinks.

    God bless.

    I'll check out your Blog.

  3. You will find out who has been reading the Bible's which you leave open in hotel rooms one day Vic (and that goes for this blog too)... :D

    W McCallum

  4. Hi Wendy,

    I do know that some very nice people regularly read this Blog. Thanx!

    God bless.



God bless you.