Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Idle Time Joined up Thoughts and a Delightful Surprise Discovery.

Today I had nothing to do.

I had to drive someone to a far off city and then when we got there I had to wait all day to take the person back home in the evening.

So I wandered around the new city for a while then sat down on a bench watching the world go by.

It was a warm sunny day with a slight fresh breeze every now and then.

Workers hurried to their offices and their places of work. Shoppers busied themselves in and out of shops searching for bargains. Not much buying going on judging from the absence of branded bags being carried around advertising the many outlets. A constant flow of traffic passing to and fro added to the daily routine – with several cars blaring their radios at full blast for the world to enjoy their taste in noise.

I just sat there on that bench watching them all getting on with their lives. I decided not to buy a newspaper and get down-hearted at the latest bad news.

Instead, I did nothing – or more accurately I did something. My thoughts wandered towards all these people.

No doubt each having plans for their lives, their families and loved ones. Each having hopes, doubts and fears about the twists and turns that life sometimes throws at you. And in my meandering thoughts I found myself praying for them, and hoping all goes well in their lives.

And now for the delightful surprise discovery in the title of today’s Blog.

As I walked down the street I noted there on the wall of a building a framed picture of Jesus of the Divine Mercy. You know the one I mean. The image painted under the direction of Blessed Faustina with the inscription “Jesus, I trust in You!”

The framed picture was in a box with a glass front on the wall of a non-descript building. It was not a church or other religious building, not an office or even a house. Just an ordinary building.

What surprised me though is that it is very unusual in the UK to have religious images, crucifixes or pictures on buildings. The fact that it had not been defaced, scribbled on with graffiti or even broken was even more surprising.

Praise the Lord.


  1. Thank you for allowing us to see glimpses into your life Vic - you seem a very caring person - this I have noticed about you as you have been posting. You know, I look forward to meeting you some day - probably on the other side of glory - but I so look forward to that day. In the meantime, keep posting these fab insights which make me think, sometimes laugh but always, always thankful for friends on the WWW like you. W McCallum

  2. You'll recognise me all right. I'll have a red rose behind my ear and perfumed knees !!!

    Vic M

  3. ;D

    W McCallum



God bless you.