Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Feeding the fish.

I went to the garden to feed the fish. Nothing unusual about this, I do it every day. I throw a few flakes of fish food on the surface of the water and within seconds they’re all there in an eating frenzy.

Not one of them ever says thank you – I thought. They probably don’t even realize I exist, living there in their liquid world

The ancient Greeks used to believe that the gods would watch us living in a bowl and could control events. I remember as a child seeing a movie where the gods splashed their hands in a bowl full of water and a storm happened at sea threatening many ships.

A bit like me and the fish. They don’t have the slightest idea who is providing them with their food.

Then I thought that in reality our God is watching over us. He does control events and sometimes He does make things happen to help us in our lives. We probably don’t give it much thought and get on with our lives unaware of His bounties and His blessings.

So I looked up at a clear blue sky and whispered silently “Thank you”.


  1. Yes - I believe God does work behind the scenes in our lives and no doubt there have been many times He has intervened on our behalf in situations we may never know about even until we get to Heaven.

    W McCallum

  2. And that's my point exactly. We pray, we ask and sometimes we get.

    But how many times He works behind the scenes and saves us from untold situations, without our knowledge, which, if only we had known about them, we would be so terrified that we'd freeze on the spot.

    It's what He does for us without us even asking that we should be most grateful for.

    Thanx Wendy for your comments and constant support.

    Vic M



God bless you.