Saturday, 20 June 2009

If only ...

A discussion the other day: What if you could eliminate one characteristic out of human nature, which one would it be?

Someone suggested anger. Someone else said envy … jealousy, hatred, prejudice, fear … and so on.

What if this were possible; what would you get as a result?

A robot. Someone pre-programmed by you with whatever emotions you feel should stay in and which ones taken out.

But God decided differently.

He gave us all these emotions, both positive and negative ones, and with them He gave us a responsibility.

The responsibility to keep them under control and to use them properly.

Even some negative emotions have a purpose if controlled properly and used in the right circumstances. If we didn’t have anger we would not be so disposed to stand up against evil. Fear keeps us from being foolhardy and reckless at times.

So there you have it: negative and positive emotions and a responsibility to control them.

Phew … I’m suddenly tired with all these responsibilities!


  1. Yeah in fact Jesus got angry acouple times. Like when they were trading in the temple. But that was righteous anger which is acceptable in the sight of God. I believe if you hear someone blashpeming God, He will allow you to realize righteous anger and stand up for the truth and put them to shame.

  2. All emotions, anger included, should be kept under control.

    Boy it's difficult!

    Vic M



God bless you.