Sunday, 29 September 2019

Sunday Sermon

Have you noticed how Sunday sermons these days are full of niceties and platitudes and sentiments that everyone would generally agree with. At least round where I am, the sermons are always like that.

The priests talk about a loving and forgiving God, full of kindness and mercy, and the fact that He loves us all and welcomes us to Heaven.

Of course, all this is true, and is indeed Biblical. We read that "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Jesus did indeed come to this earth to reach out to humanity. He came so that we may see Him, hear and listen to Him, and witness His love for us. He died so that we may be redeemed once more.

It is of course right that sermons should proclaim this message. That God loves and welcomes us all into His Kingdom.

But this is only half of the reality that is God. Priests do God no favours by preaching half of the truth for fear of "frightening the horses". 

There are many people who turn down God's invitation to love and to join Him in His Kingdom. People who constantly, and willingly, defy God. People who stand up against Him, daring not to believe in His existence, (which is indeed a privilege afforded them by God), and also proclaiming their defiance and belief for others to emulate and to follow. 

Whilst God is ever loving, merciful and forgiving, He is also just.

Surely the time will come that these people who willingly and intentionally oppose God will be judged and found wanting.

The ever merciful God will say to them, "OK ... you've made your decision, let your will be done!"

And they will have excluded themselves from God's love and from His Kingdom.

But you don't hear this message from the pulpit on Sunday, do you? At least I don't in the churches I attend.

I can't remember when a priest last talked about hell, about Satan, about the results and effects of our disobedience and turning our backs on God. 

The Church needs the people. They are the clients and customers of this big business called Religion. No successful business turns its customers away.

The Church will not talk about the devil and hell in case customers stop going to church altogether. Already regular church attendances are at an all time low. About 5% of the population in the UK according to latest statistics.  

Besides, if you were to ask people if they believe in hell, or the devil, or the final judgement by God, I would guess the numbers would be just as low. Although most would also claim and believe they'll go to Heaven, whatever they perceive it to be.

Surely, the Church, and its priests, bear a responsibility for the current state of affairs. Their job, which they took on freely and willingly, is to shepherd the herds of sheep back into the arms of a loving God who welcomes all to His eternal Kingdom.

I believe when a priest gets to meet God face to face, he will be asked, "How many of the people I put in your care did you lead into Heaven?"

Meanwhile, I fear many of us are sleep-walking our way into hell. Willingly so.


  1. Hi Victor,
    I agree with you. I believe that the Words of warning should also be spoken, as God does not live in a house made with hands, He lives within us - and we should live by EVERY WORD that comes out of the mouth of God.(Matthew ch. 4 v. 4) We are told in the scriptures that if we sin wilfully then we crucify Christ afresh, and that in the end times many shall fall away. Who would want to do either of these things?
    God bless for sharing the truth.

    1. Thank you Brenda for your kind comment. I fear many people are not listening to the truth.

      God bless.

  2. As you have stated Victor, it could be because the truth is not being spoken of by many, that Word is a living Word, and contains correction in it to keep us on the narrow path back to God.

  3. You are right, Victor. Evil has become so ingrained in our culture, politics, laws that many have been deceived. Here we are living in a world that calls evil good and good evil - red alert!
    God bless you for this very timely reminder.

    1. Sadly you are right, Chris. It is apparent here in the UK that many people do not know right from wrong and evil is on the march triumphantly.

      Thank you for your kind words. God bless.

  4. Sobering, but so true.
    We had a wonderful guest pastor this morning; oh, I wish you might have heard his message, Victor! The congregation actually applauded. I've found it's not always the message that 'gets' me, but the way in which it's conveyed.

    The enemy may growl like Simba, but God roars like the lion.

    1. It is so nice when one has a pastor who can preach well and talk openly and honestly to the congregation. One of the priests I know sends us to sleep as soon as he starts his sermon.

      God bless you, Mevely.

  5. Ironically, Victor, our pastors have been preaching on a series entitled "I Am the Vine." Clearly, we've heard the Gospel of John 15:1-17 repeated each Sunday, and a different part of that unpacked each week. The Pastors have not skipped over the part that if we don't abide in Christ, we will bear no fruit, and fruitless beings will be thrown out and burned. Yikes! However, IF we abide in Jesus, and He and us, God is quick to show us mercy and forgive us - that is grace! I may be digging a little deeper into this in a coming blog.
    Blessings to you!

    1. I'm glad your pastors do talk about "if we don't abide in Christ". Over here it is very rare to find a priest who discusses the negatives of not following God's Word. Our sermons are all mealy-mouthed platitudes about everything being well and the garden is all rosy. No one dares say that we, as individuals, and as a country are sinning big time.

      God bless you, Martha.

  6. Our Pastor preaches of God's love, grace, and mercy but we also get the consequences of not believing too.

    You are right though, many churches just hear the Love and the make you feel good sermons.

    We are so blessed to have found a Bible believing church with a wonderful Pastor.

    1. Yes indeed you are lucky to have a good pastor, Happyone. Not many churches do these days.

      God bless.



God bless you.