Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Back to University

I went back to University last week. Not as a student; I was visiting a friend of mine who is a professor of graffiti and bad behaviour. He teaches would-be graduates hooliganism and wearing torn clothing as a sign of new fashion.

You should have seen some of the students there. I asked myself where do they come from? Are we really saving the planet for the likes of them?

I think the only way some of them should have been accepted at University is as a scientific exhibit in a glass jar for primates to study.

To misquote Mark Twain, "if they keep on learning at this rate then soon enough they will know nothing at all!"

I think the only reason some of those youngsters were there is to allow their parents to fumigate their bedrooms.

In the cafeteria I sat at a table and talked to some students as part of my research into Higher Level Education - I am writing a paper about it for my business.

I gave a student a piece of paper with the question: If you were on a desert island what luxury item would you take with you?

He replied: A spoon!

Some of those kids were so highly educated that they can bore you on any subject. 

There was this geek looking young man with black rimmed glasses ten times larger than his face. He was studying ancient Greek history and was keen to tell me that the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus was killed by a tortoise which was dropped by an eagle which feeds on tortoises by dropping them on hard objects. The eagle had mistaken Aeschylus' bald head for a rock suitable for shattering the shell of the reptile. Ironically, Aeschylus had been staying outdoors to avoid a prophecy that he would be killed by a falling object.

Interesting don't you think? NOT!

Has this piece of information enriched my life in any way? Will it be useful for me in life? Apart from wearing a tortoise shell for a hat in case a tortoise fell on my head?

Why do we teach these youngsters subjects that are not likely to help them in a future career? The only jobs this geek will be able to do when he graduates is either teach ancient Greek history to another generation of torn-jeans-wearing students, or be a cashier at a supermarket.

The country, and the world, needs scientists, medical people, computer people and such like; not experts in the velocity of drunken crab under water! Let's teach them subjects relevant to modern society.

But then; what do I know? It's a long time since I last set foot in a University. I failed math so many times when at school I can't even count them! My parents used to buy me alphabet pasta in tomato sauce to teach me to read. Eventually they gave up on my stupidity and bought me spaghetti hoops instead.

I left the University rather disillusioned to learn that 9 out of every 6 students there do not understand percentages. That's almost half or 50%. 

Sad, isn't it?


  1. Over here in the UK..we have a program on
    the radio..remember the 'radio'..! :).
    It's called Desert Island Discs...
    Desert Island Discs is a radio programme
    broadcast on BBC Radio 4..
    It was first broadcast on the BBC Forces
    Programme on 29th January 1942...
    It runs for 43mins..43..? Don't ask..!
    Each week a guest, called a "castaway" during
    the programme, is asked to choose eight recordings
    (usually, but not always, music), a book and a
    luxury item that they would take if they were to be
    cast away on a desert island, whilst discussing their
    lives and the reasons for their choices...
    It was devised and originally presented by Roy Plomley!
    (Worth a Google)..

    Students! What can one say..l was one for a couple
    of years, hated school from the day l started till
    the day l finished, sol took an entrance exam to
    a local college, signed on for two years, passed four
    'O'levels and three 'A'levels..Zoology, Botany and
    Psychology..though l nearly fell down on my 'botany'..
    But! That's ALL in the memory is still where was l..? :O) get's at eleven o'clock
    on a Wednesday is coffee morning with the ladies, and
    this week, it's here at my abode..always call it my
    abode..hate using the word castle..! :O)
    Great post Victor..Hang onto that spoon and don't stir! :).

    Merry Christmas! 🎁 🎄 Ho Ho Ho 🎅 🔔 Jingle Bells 🔔 🎶

    1. I wasn't very good at school. My teacher said I'd go down in history ... and geography, and science and ...

      I had failure written all over me. The other kids did it with their biro pens.

      God bless.

    2. I've just Googled Biro Pen..I do silly things
      like that..And it states..
      The first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on 30th October 1888 to John J. Loud,[who was attempting to make a writing instrument that would be able to write "on rough surfaces—such as wood, coarse wrapping-paper, and other articles which fountain pens could not...
      Goodness 1888..
      (I wonder if he's still using it)..

    3. The Biro pen was then developed by others and it is now known as a ball point pen.

      God bless, Willie.

    4. Oh! In reply to your question on
      the previous Post...
      When l was given my old original PC..
      A friend of my daughters said..!
      "Willie, you must have a Blog"..Blog!
      Blog! ???
      The rest is history, l'm not the original
      author, as Ally interviewed me, and between
      us we developed a Blog..Since then, l have changed/added things to it..But! I resolved
      to keep it as a one off..!
      Hope you follow the links, especially the one
      at the bottom..bottom! :)

    5. Thank Willie for your link. I like your sense of humour.

      God bless you and yours.

  2. ...learning can be a complex thing!

    1. Yes, it depends what one is learning.

      God bless, Tom.

  3. Please go quietly. Your wife has called them. They will be wearing white suits and carrying your new jacket!
    Just sayin'

    Love you dude!
    Sherry & jack on this side.

    1. I have seen them follow me in the street. Why do they have butterfly nets?

      God bless you and Sherry, Jack. Keep smiling.

  4. Sad commentary, but so very true. God save us from the Young Turks' passion. Instead, give me an electrician ... a farmer ... a truck driver.

    1. I agree, Mevely. We need youngsters with skills that society needs and requires. Too many are going to University to study "Media Studies". They all hope to end up as celebrities on TV or cinema. We are building high hopes which will be crushed.

      God bless you.

  5. A lot of students specialize in different things these days.

    1. Yes, that's true, Bill. I know one studying medicine who has specialised in the left nostril. Not the right one. Just the left nostril. I wish him great success in left nostril treatments.

      God bless.

  6. Dearest Victor,
    In Dutch we have had for a long time this saying about a Professor:
    Somebody who knows A LOT about NOTHING...
    So very true.
    Often it is not at all practical for implementation into daily life or for creating a better world/work environment or whatever.
    A good mix of both is far better.

    1. You are right, Mariette. We need to teach students subjects that are useful to society in general in skills that are needed. What is the point in having many people experts at Greek mythology, literature or art when we need more doctors, scientist and engineers?

      God bless you.

  7. As C. S. Lewis is noted for saying in his Narnia series: "What do they teach these children at their schools?" Seemingly, Victor, all the wrong things. If I had a choice to go to college today, I would turn it down. Life is the best teacher, and God's Word is the best classroom.

    1. The sad thing is, many youngsters go to University and learn subjects that will not help them get a job in later life. Obscure subjects like history of football, (soccer), and such like. They have to pay their own fees and lodgings, and end up with great debts.

      God bless, Martha.

  8. ?? Who knows where teaching is headed. Why pay the expense for a college education when it gives you no skills? Someone once said, I can’t remember who, that with the growth of technology we people would be raising a bunc of idiots? Not the exact words of the quote. Bless yo, Victor.

    1. We seem to be educating for education's sake; not for the benefit of young people.

      God bless, Nells.

  9. It would be nice if they'd teach logic, we might have more people who know how to think if they did that.

    1. Yes, I agree. We need to educate people to think. Not follow others' opinions and views; but to think logically for themselves.

      God bless you, Mimi.

  10. 9 out of every 6 is NOT half, it is 150%
    I never went to university, didn't even finish high school, but I learned to read at age three, was class champion for spelling right through primary school and always passed Math exams. I didn't become a doctor or scientist, but someone has to do the lowly jobs. After all, if no one worked in the shoe factories, we'd all be running around with bare feet.

    1. 9 out of 6 is 50% if some are absent.

      There are no lowly jobs. All jobs are important to society.

      God bless, River.

  11. "Let's teach them subjects relevant to modern society."
    A good idea.

    All the best Jan

    1. Students often leave Universities with big loans to repay and little prospects of a good job relevant to the subject they have studied.

      God bless, Jan.

    2. I find the tortoise fact fascinating. I shall report it on my blog.

      WE were talking about the value of every job in bible study this week. I may post that too! Thank you for the inspiration.

    3. Thank you Liz,

      You are welcome to share the tortoise fact on your Blog. Indeed, I believe every job is valuable. Whether one is a doctor or a cleaner. Where would we be without cleaners and other jobs we need so much?

      God bless.



God bless you.