Friday 28 July 2023

Who? Me?


Years ago I worked in London, close to Saint Paul's Cathedral. I used to spend many a lunch hour visiting all the churches around the city.

No one at work knew I was a Christian. Talking about religion and politics was not encouraged at work. People confined their discussions to the weather, what's on TV, football or cricket. Subjects of little interest to me.

One day I visited St Paul's Cathedral with a  colleague. As we entered the vast building he waved his hand in the air in grandiose fashion and said, "Tell me Vic, do you believe in all that?" Meaning God and Christianity.

I could have smiled and said nothing. I replied, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!"

He said nothing.

I noticed that from that day he acted differently towards me. More polite and respectful. So did other colleagues. In time, other senior managers also acted differently towards me a junior. I discovered some of them were Christian too but had said nothing beforehand.

Many years later, I joined a small radio station in my spare time and presented a Christian program entitled "Time for Reflections". You can hear some of the old tapes by clicking on the tab "Reflections Soundtracks" at the top of this page.

In 2007 I published my first book "VISIONS". Other books followed over the years.

I did not set out to write Christian books and a Christian Blog and Websites. It happened gradually.

What I'm trying to say is that we can all serve the Lord, in our different ways, if we are prepared to listen to His prompting.


  1. ...religion is a personal experience.

  2. If we have our hearts set on serving the Lord, He will make a way for us in His good time. Isn't it shameful that Christians are so often shamed for their beliefs? May the tides turn!
    Blessings, Victor!

    1. Here in the UK, Christianity and belief in God, are often mocked on TV and the media.

      God bless, Martha.

  3. God will guide us in whatever we choose to do.

  4. Absolutely right Victor, we can all serve the Lord. It was only after my near death experience that poems and songs started coming into my head. I bought my son's Yamaha guitar off him and went out into the streets with my friend, singing the songs and giving out out leaflets with poems and scriptures in. We met lots of people who would not go into a church building but who wanted to know about Jesus. When I went to a church in West Wales a person I met there showed me how to set up a blog. Everything was organized by the Lord, not me. I love interacting with others on the blogs. God bless.

    1. Very brave to go singing in the streets. And to learn to play the guitar. I tried and failed miserably.

      God bless, Brenda.

  5. Every person has a different calling. We just have to be open to God's nudge to find it.

  6. I remember you telling us some of this! Isn't it a sad state of affairs when people are reluctant to speak about their faith for fear of ridicule or 'coaching and counseling.' My former workplace was that way, except in the form of jokes. I often wonder if there weren't others, like me. I think management would be astonished if they were to visit Alabama where postal and store clerks regularly say, "Have a blessed day."

    1. Sadly you are right. Over here Christianity is ridiculed and in retreat. When I was young we had a Crucifix on the wall in each classroom at school. Not any more. We all met in the great hall ( a theatre) every morning and sang hymns. The teachers sat on the stage and the head-master read out announcements before we went to our classes. We were encouraged to say grace before meals.

      Life has changed, Mevely. And God has noticed.

      God bless you always and your family.



God bless you.