Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Not Now ... I'm Busy!


There's a saying that life is like a toilet paper roll. The nearer it comes to the end the faster it goes.

You know how it is. We're all very busy these days doing this and that and the other thing and trying to get our head round doing more jobs on our "To Do" list. 

It's not like when we were children and things moved so slowly and a week was as long as a year especially when we're waiting for something nice like a birthday party, or a visit to the cinema or park or whatever. 

These days time moves much faster it seems and all the days and weeks seem to blend together and another year is over.

We really don't have time to go to church ... every Sunday. Life's too busy for that. 

A recent survey said that in the UK regular attendance to church, all denominations, is about 5% of the population. Yet, I guess many people consider that they are Christian at heart, good people really, and they will certainly go to Heaven. Whatever they believe Heaven is.

We all need rules to keep us safe and to live an ordered life. Can you imagine the chaos if you went out in the street and drove wherever you wished and ignored traffic lights and road signals? 

In Christian life too, we have some rules to follow, known as the Ten Commandments. One of them says that we should keep one day a week holy. This means that we should make an effort to attend church regularly and not just fit it in when the golf game has been cancelled. 

Being a Christian means loving God and obeying Him and respecting His rules. How would you feel if your friends only come running to you when they need help and the rest of the time they ignore you because they're too busy? It is the same with God. Many use God as a convenient insurance policy for when things go wrong.

Christianity is not an optional extra. It is not a badge one wears to identify them when asked.

You are either a Christian or you are not. Hiding behind the badge may fool others, including you, but it certainly will not fool God. If you say you're a Christian and you don't go to church then you're not a Christian.

And one more thing ... as someone once said, going to church does not make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

Christianity is a way of life, a Mission, an eternal destination. Christianity is difficult. It is not for the faint-hearted and the timid. Christianity is hard work; but with a good pension plan.

The message may be hard to swallow but that's the way it is.


  1. Absolutely right Victor...
    AND..The final three sentences at the bottom there
    are as true..as true..can be..!
    AND..If the message is hard to swallow, chew it over
    a bit..when it feels right..then swallow..!

    If you worry..and..can't sleep at nights, it just God's
    way of saying.."We need to talk..now is a good time".
    And..don't get out of bed, on yer knees, l never pray
    on my knees..what's the point, if l got summat to say,
    l say it..on me head if necessary..God is'nt bothered
    what position l'm in..just what l have to say, and l
    always talk to him as if l'm talking to a friend in the
    Mind you..you should see my Sicilian family and
    friends go at it..especially the old widowed ladies!
    It's amazing the amount of faith they have..God,
    the church, prayer is number one in their lives!
    There whole body and soul is surrounded by God!

  2. ...5% is an alarming figure!

    1. Officially, the UK is a Christian country.

      God bless, Tom.

  3. Very good reminders. Well thought out. AND I must say this line SINGS:
    Christianity is hard work; but with a good pension plan.....

    Good stuff my friend. Keep praying for us over here. ;-) We do need it very much....

    1. I always pray for you and Sherry, Jack. Hope you are well.

      God bless.

  4. That saying about the church and the garage originated with Billy Sunday, an American evangelist (not sure when he lived, although I want to say the 20th century). I actually used that quote in one of the novels in my series!
    Blessings, Victor!

    1. The thing is, Martha, what was invented first? The car or the garage? I did not know about Billy Sunday but I remembered that quote from somewhere. Probably one of your books.

      God bless.

  5. Wonderful! This reminds me of a highway sign seen years ago: 'God wants full custody; not just weekend visitation."

    1. That's a good quote, Mevely, which I might use sometime.

      God bless you always.

  6. Dearest Victor,
    Absolutely TRUE!
    How can you claim to be married when you're never 'home'...?!
    It takes a serious commitment to be there for one another and that is also with our heavenly Father.
    By being obedient and putting in our share, it creates happiness and peace of mind in return and we KNOW that we're ready any time for being called HOME.
    There is no such a thing as getting it all done 'last–minute', you might MISS it completely and end up regretting it for eternity.

    1. Well said and good advice, Mariette. Many people just don't bother and believe getting to Heaven is automatic.

      God bless you and Pieter.

    2. Just like with the Airlines, there WILL be a security check before they let you on board...😉

  7. Some of the RC churches in the town I grew up in have merged or closed their doors due to the lack of people, lack of interest and high cost to keep them open.

    1. Yes, same here, Bill. There are Catholic churches that have merged with a travelling priest serving different communities. Other dominations churches have also closed down and sold as dance clubs, restaurant and theme pubs. How sad.

      God bless.

  8. Wow only 5%. That is so sad.
    I went many years without going to church and was a Christian, but something was missing. Getting back into a good Bible believing church, I felt like I had come home!! : ).

    1. Yes, sadly only 5% attend church regularly.

      God bless, Happyone.

  9. Your post reminds me of the story in the Bible about getting through the narrow gates.

  10. Church is a joy, it's a lifeline, and Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It's the only way, along with prayer, that i get strength to get through my week.

  11. "..if you don't go to church, you're not a Christian" Guess I'm not a Christian then.

  12. That is so very well said. I could not agree more. Thank you, Victor. Blessings

    1. Thank you Nells. It's good to see you here.

      God bless you and yours.

  13. So true Victor: So many ask for help when the time may be too late.
    Sadly so many are missing out on a beautiful belief in God.
    I do not judge people that do not go to Worship or believe it is not up to me however I do pray for them daily with hopes they see the light.
    Going to Mass during the week and on the weekend are a true joy for us.
    A well written article my friend.

    1. It is so nice to see you visiting here Catherine. Thank you so much.

      Yes, sadly many people find it difficult to believe in God and to thank Him for all we have been gifted. We need to pray more.

      God bless you and your family.



God bless you.