Wednesday 14 December 2022



Why does life sometimes has a habit of making one bad thing follow another on and on like a chain of disasters?

Once upon a time there was a man walking in the park enjoying a packet of potato chips. As he was walking by the lake, looking at the various fowl there and eating his potato chips he inadvertently walked into a low lying branch so hard that it nearly knocked him unconscious.

He was so dazed by the hit in the head that he dropped his food on the ground and walked around not knowing where he was going. He stumbled and fell in the lake.

The sudden shock of being in cold water revived him enough to make him relieve himself and reminded him that he could not swim. He spluttered and splashed here and there trying to remain afloat as his life, past as well as future, flashed quickly before him.

This attracted a swan nearby which was swimming with her newly born family. She did what comes naturally and attacked the drowning man by jumping on his head, thus pushing him further underwater, and pecking him here there and everywhere. But mostly there!

Somehow, in this watery struggle, the man managed to crawl slowly ashore and pull himself out of the lake. But not before the swan pecked him there one more time.

He stood up, still dazed and confused, yet also very wet and shivering cold, not to mention smelling of rotten dead fish and vegetation as one would find in the bottom of a lake or pond. 

As he made his way here and there, but nowhere in particular, he seemed to have attracted the attention of a small pack of dogs which were running loosely in the park. He hurried away quickly which excited the three or four dogs which gave chase at what they thought was a fun game to partake in.

As he sped away he stumbled and slipped as the dogs caught up with him barking and jumping and biting playfully here and there. But mostly there.

He tried to fight them off which they eventually did when called by their owners, but not before tearing his clothes to shreds.

Moments later, he came across a park ranger who, seeing his clothes in tatters, did not believe his story and accused him of indecent exposure. Fortunately, at that point two of the stray dogs came running by and one of them bit the park ranger in the leg.

And the moral of the story is: Do Not Eat Potato Chips.


  1. ...yep, life has consequences!

  2. Better to pay attention to what you're doing.

  3. Dearest Victor,
    Quite a story about the consequences of eating potato chips...

  4. I never knew potato chips had so much power, Victor - lol! (I do love eating chips, though.) Blessings!

  5. Better he carry kale. Perhaps a celery stick?
    That cartoon is a panic!

  6. Thank you folks for your comments. Sorry I have not been able to answer you individually today. Coincidentally, it has been a day with plenty of consequences with one thing leading to another. Does anyone know how to dislodge a cooking pan from one's head?

    God bless.

  7. Every choice has a consequence, even not choosing.

    I pray your day gets better and have you tried using some kind of oil or grease to get the pan off? That's supposed to make pans non-stick.

  8. He should have stayed home that day! :)

  9. I just swore off potato chips! BUT we did enjoy the story, and hope you are ok now, that was you, right?

    Smile life is good. Sending the best to you this wonderful season. Sherry & jack the anon gypsies......



God bless you.