Thursday 30 June 2022


Settle down and pay attention everyone. Today we shall consider the meaning of the word "tactile" and how it appertains to our body.

Tactile means "of or connected with the sense of touch." We have different senses like sight, smell, hearing, taste, spatial orientation (parking a car), and of course touch. What we don't seem to have much of these days is common sense. It is not as common as one would imagine.

But let's concentrate on touch; hence the word tactile.

Our bodies have different parts with different nerve endings to enable us to feel sensitivity to a greater or lesser degree. This means some parts of our bodies feel more than others. The tips of our fingers for instance. Did you know that the tips of our fingers can feel or identify a feeling smaller than one grain of sand. If you close your eyes and run your finger gently on a smooth surface you could feel and notice when you have touched something as small or even smaller than a grain of sand.

The tips of the finger can also identify whether something is wet or dry, sticky like glue or honey, smooth or sharp, and even temperature. However, that being said, it has always been traditional in some people to test the baby's bath water temperature by dipping the elbow in the water. 

It is believed, (scientifically debatable), that the elbow is much more sensitive to temperature than running your hand or fingers in the bath water. Some people prefer to test the bath water with their ears but this is also not scientifically proven either. What has been proven though is that testing the water with your nose is liable to make you choke if you accidentally breathe in some of the water. 

The tongue is also very tactile and sensitive. This has been proven by giving blind-folded people a piece of plastic sheet with different holes in them. Some holes were square, others round, triangular or rectangular. People were asked to identify the shapes with the tip of their fingers or with the tip of their tongue. More often than not the feeling from the tongue was more accurate. 

The skin, which is an organ in itself covering the whole body, is sensitive to a greater or lesser degree in different parts of the body. For example, try sitting on a hedgehog or cactus and see how that feels.

Different stimuli can affect our sense of feeling. I like that song:

Feelings, nothing more than feelings,
Trying to forget my feelings of love.
Feelings, wo-o-o feelings,

Wo-o-o, feel you again in my arms.

Sorry ... got distracted there for a while. Where was I? Yes, different stimuli, like alcohol, could make you lose all feelings and even make you say something to your wife which results in the silent treatment and sleeping on the couch. Also, some stimuli can make you liable to outbursts of swearing and profanities as I found out this morning when I missed the nail and hit my hand hard with a hammer.
Finally, on the subject of tactile body parts we turn our attention to feet, or more precisely to toes. We all know how it feels if the shoe is too tight, or when we stub our toes against something hard or walk on a Lego brick. However, did you know that your toes can also tell you when you have walked on a hot piece of coal from the barbecue which has been accidentally dropped on the ground?
So there you have it ... different parts of the body can identify different levels of feelings, some pleasurable, and some not so.



  1. Victor...To~day is Friday....

    Visual textures may appear substantial from a certain
    vantage point, but when the light shines from a different angle, the smooth surface can make a room feel.. Simultaneously smaller and less intimate...
    Tactile textures, on the other hand, never reflect light
    this way, so they often have a warming effect...!

    Yes! tactile a form of nonverbal communication or body language in which touching, handshaking, kissing, etc. conveys a message from
    sender to receiver...!
    So..if you are a tactile learner, you learn by touching
    and doing...!

    Another example of tactile is a book written in Braille..!
    I am very much a Tactile person..being Sicilian of course..
    We tend to touch other people a lot when talking to them..!
    At school the teachers used to make me sit on my hands!
    And I can talk you anyone..without using any words...! :0
    🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️

    1. A good and thorough description of tactile, Willie. God bless.

  2. We rarely take time to reflect on the miracles that are our senses, Victor. I'm glad you did here today!

    1. Thank you, Martha. Things we take for granted.

      God bless.

  3. Morris Albert he's not, but I (almost) enjoyed this rendition of Feelings. (lololol)
    True what you say about differing body parts' sensitivity. Used to be I loved having a pedicure b/c they'd massage my feet. Not so much anymore; all my senses have shifted to my hands.

    1. Ah ... I forgot about pedicures. Over here we have salons where people put their feet in tanks of water and have little fishes nibble dead skin off their feet. A cheaper quicker version uses sharks.

      Les Dawson (R.I.P.) was a famous British comedian. One of his acts involved playing the piano badly, although he was an accomplished pianist. A bit like Victor Borge.

      God bless, Mevely.

  4. I felt the pain you got from hitting your finger with a hammer when you missed the nail. I did that and the next day I had to go to the ER to have a hole drilled in the fingernail to release the pressure. I didn't think the finger would hurt but I was definitely wrong. :) Happy weekend, Victor.

    1. Wow ... so sorry to hear your injury meant having to go to hospital. Luckily mine healed after a few swear words. I hope you are better now, Bill.

      God bless always.

  5. Dearest Victor,
    Love the statement about common sense!
    That is SO TRUE.
    How well the blind must be used to touching and figuring things out...

  6. Interesting reading! Agree with you about common sense!

    1. There's a shortage of common sense these days.

      God bless, Happyone.

  7. When I have bloodwork done that split second before the needle stick makes every nerve in my body cringe. It never hurts as bad as I anticipate. Ooooh, but I still don’t like it. God bless

    1. Yes ... I understand what you mean, Nells.

      God bless always.

  8. Remember, too, that if you eat pizza that's too hot you will burn your mouth and not be able to taste your dessert, or even feel that you are eating it, and that would be a waste of a good dessert.

    1. True, the nerves on the tongue can detect heat as well as taste. Amazing how we are made.

      God bless, Mimi.



God bless you.