Saturday 25 June 2022

Maturity is an excuse

Every morning is a different morning yet they are all the same. There's me and then there is the whole world intent and united to making my life more miserable than it already is.

I don't know about you ... in fact I hardly know you and we've never met ... but as for me, sometimes I wake up grumpy. At other times I get out of bed silently and let her sleep. No point starting the day with more reminders of how inadequate I am. 

If I am that way inclined and I feel kind-hearted I go downstairs and bring her a nice cup of tea in my pyjamas. Is she grateful? No ... she says she prefers it in a cup.

Another morning irritant, at least once a week, are the trash or refuse collectors people. They come very early in the morning with their large heavy and noisy vehicles and make enough clatter and clamour to raise the dead. 

In our city we each have three trash containers on wheels. They are different colours. The black one is for all kind of trash except gifts from my mother-in-law because I'd never hear the end of it. 

The green container is for garden refuse like grass cuttings, hedge clippings and twigs and small branches and the like. Don't you dare put potato or carrot peelings or even cabbage and lettuce leaves in there. I know they are compostable like grass and leaves but they should go in the black bin. 

And then we have an orange bin for re-cycled material. You need a University Degree in stupidity to know what is and what is not recyclable. Metal cans and tins, yes; metal foil you use to wrap meat when roasting or sandwiches, no. Plastic bags used to purchase pasta, rice, cereals, and other dry foods - read the label on each packet because some is recyclable and some not. The list goes on and on as to what is and what is not allowed in the recycled bin. 

I usually don't bother and throw the list in the green bin - it is a "leaflet" after all! 

As I was saying before I got distracted, the trash people have this heavy lifting gear at the back of their lorry and they make a racket as they lift each container and tip it upside down to empty it. Then they leave the empty container wherever they feel like it, not return it to its proper owner. I usually have to take a bus ride to go and retrieve mine which is left miles away.

The containers are emptied in rotation every week: one week trash, another week garden refuse and then recyclable. Neighbours usually copy each other and bring out the container similar to their neighbours. I get my own back by bringing out very early in the afternoon the wrong coloured container. All the neighbours copy me and bring out the same colour container. Late at night I bring my container back in and bring out the right coloured container.

The following morning only my container is emptied. And all the neighbours phone the authorities to say their trash has not been collected.

It's me versus the world, as I said earlier.

And another thing that irritates me no end. There are signs everywhere in our street saying pick up your dog's poo when he poos in the street. It seems that dog owners are just as illiterate as their pets.

The other day I stepped in some dog poo. I stood by the tree trying to clean my shoe when a big man passed by and stepped in the same poo. I said, "I've just done that!" He punched me in the face.

People are getting so violent these days. So much pent up anger. And so much stupidity around too; it's so wide spread it seems to be catching.

There was a story on TV about some flood somewhere or other; it was raining so hard with high wind. They told us not to go out unless absolutely necessary; like throwing away your mother-in-law's unwanted presents.

And there on TV was a stupid reporter getting soaked in the rain next to the river telling you how dangerous it is out there. Why do they do that? Why send someone out to prove the obvious? They say "and now here's our reporter from London" then for the sake of balanced reporting they show you a reporter from Aberdeen in Scotland, Cardiff in Wales and another one in Northern Ireland. Four reporters and their film crew soaking wet in case you don't know what rain looks like.

And to ram the point home they then interview a household that has been flooded and they ask the home owner "how do you feel about this flood?"

What an idiotic question from a moron in training. What do you expect as a response? "Oh ... I have always wanted a downstairs bathroom and swimming pool; now we got one for free including the floating excrement from the overflowing sewers!"

It's the way the newsreaders and TV interviewers patronise you as if you're an idiot that irritates me. They mention someone important in the news, like; "The Pope has lost his cat!" and then they show you a picture of the Pope as if you don't know who he is, and for good measure a cat as well. They mention a well known politician or leader of a country and show you his photo.

And it's not just on TV; in real life too you're patronised. I remember distinctly when we were pregnant; not me of course ... my wife. We went to these "pre-natal classes" where we were shown pictures of babies being born and treated like ignorant fatheads. We were told how the husband should be with his wife at the delivery room and offer comfort and support and encouragement and ... hold on ... let me check my notes ... I had them here a moment ago. 

At the end we were asked if we had any questions. I asked, "Is it OK to take a few cans of Guinness in the delivery room?" The person giving the lecturer, a senior midwife from the hospital, told me sternly that alcohol is not allowed anywhere on the premises and it is forbidden under some hospital rule or another. It's in my notes somewhere ...

As I said before; it seems I am the only sane one in this world. Everything is going wrong nowadays and people are behaving as if they've lost any common sense that has never been common in the first place and is now more extinct than ever. 

No wonder I wake up grumpy sometimes. It makes a change to hear it from her too!

Oh ... before I forget ... have you noticed how prices are going up everywhere? Everything costs more these days. Although I'll admit I have used this to good effect. 

I have now taken to wearing very old, dirty and torn clothes when I go out. It stops beggars asking me for money. The other day a woman was going to give her half-eaten sandwich to her dog, but she offered it to me instead. 

Isn't that kind? There's hope for this world after all!


  1. Well...I can tell you..I never wake up feeling grumpy,
    not with Snow White at the end of the bed..Anyway!
    l'm not that way inclined...I always wake up feeling
    happy..he doesn't mind..! :O).

    The most annoying thing mentioned in this post...
    Is Wheely~bins..Horrid..Horrid things..I just use
    the green lidded one..recycling..every fortnight..!
    That's it..not the black one..rubbish..and not the
    brown! And any food waste, and
    there's hardly any....l eat..! Yes! Eat..!
    And the odd bottle/jam jar l take out and put in
    someone else's glass bin..!
    My recycling bin is highly decorated and very clean,
    inside and out..l was thinking of painting the green
    lid to pink..but..the idiots emptying them would get
    confused..! :(. They've ALL got the IQ of a rocking
    horse..! :O(

    Before l go any further...This is well worth a look....

    Victor..every morning l wake..(l think).. l arise from my
    abode..(bed)..remove my nightgown/shirt..proceed to
    the bathroom, look into my shaving mirror, and think,
    how wonderful l am...HeHe! Three days later..No! No!
    I then proceed to attend to my appearance..sometimes
    l actually turn the taps on..the rest of my movements
    are secret..!
    Full English breakfast at around eight o'clock..l then
    creep out my home, around eight~thirty..usually to
    town..meeting and being rude to everyone l meet...!
    I make my life as entertaining as l can..and..Yes! I live
    in a bit of a fantasy world..But! Hey! That's what life is
    ALL about...Isn't it..? Yes! It is..! :O).

    And..Prices going up...Road Kill..that's the answer..! :).
    🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰 🥚 🐇 🐰 🐇 🐰

    1. It's the rotation of various bins which can be a little confusing, especially on Bank Holidays and Christmas/Easter. Also, they don't collect glass by the roadside. We have to take it to the recycling centre.

      God bless you, Willie.

    2. Everyone here were given a green bucket like
      container for glass..l refused mine..the odd bottle
      or jar, goes into a neighbours bin..So the only
      bin l use is the green top recycling bin...!

  2. better do something about getting up grumpy!

    1. I try to get up without making much noise. Sometimes the dog barks to warn her.

      God bless, Tom.

  3. ooooO! Victor..! Your book Theodore~Joyce etc...
    Has just arrived..and only ordered Thursday...! :).
    Will get into it over the weekend..! :O).

    1. You really are so kind, Willie. Let me know what you think of these short stories.

      God bless you.

    2. I've got to page 44 already...This guy Theodore
      is my kind of guy...can l see a little of myself in
      his character...??? HeHe! Watch this space..! :).

    3. He appeared as a character in one of my novels and developed from there. I thought he deserved a book in his own right. So glad you like him.

      God bless you, Willie.

  4. You did too many today, but we enjoyed the smiles and laughs. "Grumpy?" One of these days my friend, one of these days.
    BUT the line about a degree to know what to recycle is fact over here also..... ;-) Try to enjoy the black eye or bloody nose this morning, when she reads your post. Just sayin'.... ;-) (again)

    1. Well Jack ... she is not grumpy all the time ... only in the mornings; and sometimes in the afternoons or every so often in the evenings too.

      Keep smiling my friend. God bless.

  5. Dearest Victor,
    Haha, there seem to be many morons in training these days!
    So many things don't make any sense.
    Loved reading this and it is a great start of the day.

    1. The sad thing, Mariette, is that there seems to be too many stupid people around. You see them on TV in chat shows, or interviews. Also in real life in the shops and the street. What is happening to the world?

      God bless you.

    2. Oh, the media is trying so hard to brainwash us all into brainless morons with NO moral...

  6. GREAT points! One of my biggest pet peeves are those 'jounalists' who show up at the site of a tragedy asking the victim, "How do you feel?" Pretty sure if that were to happen, my footage would never make it to prime time.
    I shouldn't be proud of it, but our little community has but one weekly trash collection: Eco, garbage, whatever -- it all goes in the big green box. Noi time wasted trying to discern a code on my laundry bottle.

    1. I often wonder how much energy and materials has gone into making all these coloured trash bins. Three for every home in this area. Some areas have four bins. Then you have different lorries coming round to collect different bins which they take to re-cycling centres to sort out metal cans from paper from cardboard from cloth from ... from ... All this sorting done by various machines using more electricity ... Is all this recycling cheaper than the alternative? Making soup out of all the trash?

      God bless, Mevely.

  7. Our trash people typically wake me up, which makes me grumpy. They come sometimes at o-dark thirty. Luckily I don't have to have a spread sheet to know which cans go out which day. Our trash, our yard waste, and our re-cyclables all go out the same day, once a week..on Tuesday. Yard waste are in regular cans with a sticker that says yard waste. I always have lots. I have neighbors who don't seem to know you're not suppose to grow thistles, and thus they crept across the fence in force, so I do lots of weeding. You can't kill those suckers. OUr trash and re-cycle bins have wheels like yours. Blue is re-cycling and gray is trash. No bus needed to retrieve your cans, they pretty dump them on the other side of the drive way.

    But, yes...the world is going mad and making me think no one can think for themselves anylonger. We're suppose to be an educated society, but stupidity level seems to be rising daily, with each backward step.

    Just try to take an hour at a time. For this hour...I'm winning. I had an English muffin with lots of good Irish Butter and a V-8, and I'm visiting friends in blogland. Next hour who knows. Play through.

    1. We have three coloured bins and they are emptied on rotation each week. Glass jars and bottles we have to drive to the recycle centre a mile away because for some reason it is not collected in any of the coloured bins. However ... if you drop a glass bottle or jar and it breaks; the bits can be put in the black (general trash) bin. Is that a temptation or what? Some people do not have cars to drive a miles to the recycling centre to drop their bottles and jars!

      God bless, Sandy.

  8. I get aggravated when the bins get picked up at 5am and the truck is very loud. Can't go back to sleep so I'm tired and grumpy too.

    1. Let us set up a Grumpy Society. My wife can be President.

      God bless, Bill.

  9. The very first thing I do when I get up is head out the door for my morning walk. I enjoy it, so don't have time to be grumpy. :)
    Since we don't live in town the garbage men don't pick up garbage and we have to take it to the dump. It's kind of fun throwing it all in the big dumpsters!!

    1. I guess it must be fun seeing your trash getting thrown away. Good exercise too.

      God bless, Happyone.

  10. "have you noticed how prices are going up everywhere? "

    Yes, I've certainly been noticing that, it is quite concerning, so many people are struggling and I fear it will only get worse.

    All the best Jan

    1. Some prices in the supermarkets are up by 10%, sometimes more.

      God bless, Jan.

  11. You've made me laugh, as always, but i also have to add that i'm so glad our trash does get picked up and i don't have to cart it to the city dump every week.

    1. I agree, Mimi. It would be very difficult for people without transport.

      God bless always.



God bless you.