Saturday 9 July 2022

That sudden thing on your mind


I'm hoping you clever people out there can help me with this. I appreciate that only a few of you comment on my posts, and I thank you for that; but I also know from studying my statistics that many more visit here every day without commenting. I am grateful to you also.

This time I ask for your views and advice. Perhaps this will encourage you to comment.

Why is it that sometimes, totally out of the blue, (or whatever colour you choose), I get a tune in my head that will not go away? Where does it come from? And what triggers it?

Today, in the kitchen it was, whilst I was making a sandwich, peanut butter with raisins in case this is relevant; I suddenly got a tune in my head. There was no radio or TV on or any other stimuli to trigger this. I did not even know what the tune was.

So I hummed it to someone else in case they knew what it was. It went, "Naaa ... NaNa NaNa NaNa NaNa Nana Nanaaa ... Na Naaaaah ... Naaaah NaNa ... Naaah NaNa ... Naaahhh Nanaaaahhh!"

Do you know what it is?

I must have been good at humming it because I was told it was Guiseppe Verdi's Triumphal March from Aida.

Now, I am not necessarily an Opera fan. Nor do I know much about classical music as such ... were The Monkees classical music?  

So I looked up this Aida on YouTube. Sure enough, that was the tune in my head.

And therefore I ask you: where did the tune come from? Had I heard it sometime before and now it played back in that tape recorder we all have in our brain? If so, why? 

Has such a thing ever happened to you? I am not saying you hear a song and it sticks in your head. I am talking about a sudden out of the blue piece of music, (or other thought), without any link to anyhting else.

In my case it was peanut butter sandwich in the kitchen. What is the connection with Verdi? Did he like peanuts perhaps?


  1. ...I'm not necessarily an opera fan either, but I do enjoy certain arias. Keep the music playing!

    1. Some classical music sounds nice.

      God bless, Tom.

  2. All behind to~day...must be these tight cargos...! :0).

    Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (Italian) 9th
    October 1813 – 27 January 1901)....
    Giuseppe Verdi is a lovely sounding name in Italian,
    but translated into English of course...Joe Green...
    Bit sad..! :0)
    But...Throughout his career, Verdi kept working on
    operas based on Shakespeare's plays...!
    Did you know, that Verdi was a pretty good cook,
    as well as a composer...?
    His speciality is said to have been risotto alla

    I was always into a bit of opera..Mia Mama used to
    take me to the opera in Bournemouth..The Pavillion,
    when l was five years old...! Also the ballet, as l started
    lessons round about then...!

    I get tunes/songs into my head all day long, a lot of
    my life is motivated by music.."Get up..get on up,
    get up, get on up..." Soul Brother number one Mr
    James Brown...!
    So ALL my tunes are Soulful..don't entertain or
    relate to any other type..heaven forbid...!
    Motown, Hip~Hop, Blues, R&B, Funk, etc...
    So..who knows where the tunes come from...just as
    at least three times a day yer hungry...gotta eat...! :).

    The 'Sudden' thing l have in my mind just now..Lunch!
    ✨ 🎼 ✨ 🎶 ✨ 🎼 ✨ 🎶 ✨ 🎼 ✨ 🎶 ✨

    1. I went to school with Joe Green. He was tone deaf. He joined the church choir. The choir master asked him to stand in the back and just mime the hymns. One day he was missing from practice and everyone thought they had tuned the piano.

      God bless, Willie.

    2. I went to school with a boy called Gordon Bennett....
      Oh! And a girl called Mona Lotts..! :)

  3. Dearest Victor,
    Music is the ONLY international language so maybe that's why we often get a tune on our mind.
    Indeed, it comes out of nowhere and we not yet fully can comprehend what causes us to think about it...
    Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul—Bach
    Guess that indeed our souls at times do speak to us for whatever reason!

    1. True, music is an international language. I wonder what kind of music God likes. Some people complained when we had guitars in church.

      God bless, Mariette.

    2. Organ music and a good choir is the best for honoring God!

  4. I may have your answer. This happens to me a lot. My hubby watches TV a LOT. pieces of songs pop in my head at random times. they are using pieces of the old songs, anything catchy in the background of TV ads. we hear it but don't realize it. also when this video started to play just now I thought it was something to do with The Queen in England. pieces of it sound like they are introducing someone important and we hear a snatch of it. the older the music the more they use pieces because they are out of copyright. the one I can't figure out is when I start to fix lunch, almost every day, Doris Days commercial song from the 50's advertising Chevrlet cars pops in my head and I belt it out.
    See the USA in your chevrolet. from my childhood. WHY is the question. and every time Bob says why are you singing that

    1. Thank you MadSnapper for visiting me here. Please call again soon and invite your friends.

      I am so glad you took the time to write. I agree that some tune may have been heard, (or misheard), and it sticks in our mind. In my case, there had been no radio or TV on yesterday morning. I'd done some gardening, then got in the kitchen and the next thing I had the Aida tune in my head.

      Right now I have the 57 Chevrolet song by Billie Joe Spears in my head!

      God bless.

  5. I have heard these lyrics many times, even sang them! I just don't remember that being the music behind it.
    "Naaa ... NaNa NaNa NaNa NaNa Nana Nanaaa ... Na Naaaaah ... Naaaah NaNa ... Naaah NaNa ... Naaahhh Nanaaaahhh!" I think it was in the 50's.
    Sherry & jack

    1. Yes, the tune suddenly came into my head and I could not remember what it was.

      God bless, Jack.

  6. I hate it when you know some of the words and you can't figure out who is singing. Google has the answer. :)

    1. True, that is so annoying. I search YouTube to get the answers.

      God bless, Bill.

  7. I often get songs popping into my head and end up singing it all day.

  8. So glad I'm not the only one! Everything from "Blueberry Hill" to "Catch a Falling Star" have randomly shown up on the little turntable in my mind -- from where I've NO idea. This has been going on for several years. I've quit worrying about it and just look forward to being surprised.

    Sorry to be late. We had a terrific thunderstorm that knocked out our power. Unfortunately, killed my PC, so I'm trying to learn to use Tom's Chromebook. It's always something!

    1. This is Myra

    2. Hi Myra/Mevely,

      I hope and pray that you are all well after the thunderstorm; and that no damage was done to your home. Is the power back on now?

      I don't know where all the musical sounds/music suddenly come from. In my case, it is not often. It is usually ideas for me to write articles or stories.

      Praying for y'all. God bless.

  9. The cure for a song stuck in your head, which some people call an ear worm, is to sing the Disney song, It's a Small World After All. The problem is the cure is worse than the disease!

    1. I find that another cure is to hit my hand with a hammer.

      Keep smiling, Mimi. God bless.

  10. Who knows where such prompts in our brain originate? Could God be planting seeds to help us remember and recognize the importance of such revelation? Undoubtedly, for me, that is the answer. Talk about songs getting stuck in your head!
    Victor, I'm sorry I'm so late in responding to this blog, but I don't always get them on a daily basis; I don't know why! So, when I'm not prompt, please understand that I'm a victim of delayed delivery, much like our postal service here in the USA.

    1. Sorry ... sometimes the prompts are delayed because I have inadvertently put my chair on the computer cable. All the messages get clogged up and held at that point until I move the chair then people get a lot of messages and e-mails all at once. My fault.

      God bless.



God bless you.