Saturday 1 October 2022

Never noticed

Do you realise that every person in this world, every man and woman, has a nose? It is something I have never noticed before. It was there under my very nose and I did not see it. Everyone has a nose.

There are small noses, big ones, round ones, bulbous ones with pimples perhaps or small hairs on the end. There are noses with hairs coming out of them. Long pointy noses, aquiline ones, flat noses, broken noses and slightly upturned ones like Miss Piggy.

All these noses and you probably never noticed them. Next time you are with a group of people just spend some type studying their noses. Look at them carefully. Their shapes and sizes. Divide them into groups. How many are small, large, pointy and so on. Look at your nose in the mirror. What type is it? Big? Small? Pretty? Ugly?

A friend of mine has such a big nose that it enters a room a week before she comes in.

Love noses. Join the Noses Appreciation Society. Do you realise that if all noses were made upside down we would all drown when it rained? So noses are useful; not just for breathing but from keeping water out too.

We need more nose education in this world. There's so much to learn. A friend of mine is a nose doctor. A specialist in fact. He specialised in the left nostril. He knows (correct spelling) everything there is to know about the left nostril. Ask him about the right nostril and he's a complete ignorant. He told me it is another three years course at University the right nostril.

Noses are not just for breathing, you know. They can be used to smell too. Reminds me of the old joke: My dog has no nose. How does he smell? Awful!

Seriously though, noses are used for smelling too as well as breathing. Some people have trained their noses to smell round corners. In the dark too. That's the clever thing about noses. Useful for breathing and smelling.

They can identify various smells too, noses. Good smells and aromas and bad ones. Ears can't do that. For example if a chocolate cake smelled of paint your nose would tell you there's something wrong. Or if a wall smelled of hot chocolate you'd break your teeth chewing on a brick. Noses can tell the difference between a chocolate cake and a wall. Ears can't do that. Because neither example talks, you see.

Noses can also be used metaphorically. You can say things like "I smell a rat". 

I smelled a rat once. I found him dead when I tried to retrieve some cheese from the mousetrap for supper. 

Another metaphor is being nosey. Wanting to know things. I read in the papers that a dwarf was thrown out from our local nudist camp because he could not keep his nose out of peoples' private business.


  1. You know, Victor, now I'll never look at others in quite the same way! I've always loathed my big nose, but thankfully I'm becoming less self-conscious in my old age. (lol)
    I'll never forget what a coworker once told a rude child who called attention to the size of his nose: "Well, fresh air is free and guess what? I get more of it than YOU."

    1. I suddenly realised at a meeting yesterday that everyone has a nose. It distracted me from the meeting and I sat there analysing various noses and categorise them into groups according to shape and size and any special features like a forest coming out of the nostrils.

      A good retort to that child would be: That's a peculiar nose you have there. Were you born with it or did you pick it yourself.

      Let us enjoy our noses, Mevely. We need an International Nose Day.

      God bless.

  2. ...and it divides you face.

  3. Dearest Victor,
    Noses will always remain an interesting subject and endless variety!
    My nose is excellent in sniffing things out—guess I've been a detection dog in a previous life...😏

    1. I am not very good at differentiating spices or herbs. Except perhaps garlic and onions - fried onions. Oh ... and too much incense in church. I can smell that from miles away.

      God bless, Mariette.

  4. And the woman above is the spitting image of our unfortunate VP, Kamela Harris, Victor. That did NOT make my day, but the last nose joke in this post certainly did. :)

    1. The photo is from an images collection I bought years ago on CD.

      The joke is from my sense of humour. I'm glad you liked it, Martha. I thought it would upset some readers. Happy it didn't.

      God bless you.

  5. Yes, noses comes in many shapes and sizes.
    Some of my favorite smells are:
    Dry lined clothes
    Baking Bread
    Summer Rain

    1. If we did not have a nose our glasses would fall off.

      God bless, Happyone.

  6. I have noticed also that many folks are 'nosey', whether they have big or small 'uns. On the road, stopping at our home pad at Leesburg for one night them move. for a week or so. Take care.
    Love from over here, Sherry & jack

    1. It is so nice to see you stopping here, Jack. Thank you so much. Enjoy your holiday.

      God bless you and Sherry.



God bless you.