Sunday 28 January 2024

Understanding God's love


A thought has been swirling in my mind for a while. 

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

God decreed that Christ should visit the earth in human form, and His sacrifice will unite us once again with God ... provided we believe that He is the Son of God.

Jesus taught time and again that we should love one another ... even our enemies.

The devil is the enemy of God. Does this mean that God loves the devil?

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” Luke 10:18

By referring to Satan’s fall from heaven, Jesus is most likely quoting Isaiah 14:12 - “How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” 

Lucifer had lifted himself up to be like God. God cast him down out of his original place as an Angel. Jesus saw all this when He was a Spirit before He was born as a baby on earth. Jesus has always existed as a Spirit. He did not begin to exist when He was born on earth. This is when He took human form.  

The question still remains: Does God love the devil?

God could have destroyed Lucifer for ever. Can you imagine? No Satan, no demons, no evil. A perfect world as God intended.

But God gifted us, and the devil, free will. He allowed the devil to rebel against Him and let him go. Just like He allows us to disobey Him, turn our backs against Him and rebel.

This is true love. Reminiscent of John Chapter 6. When Jesus says He is "the Bread of life" and later when He says that unless people eat His flesh or drink His blood they will not have life.

As you can imagine, this was very upsetting to His listeners; even His followers and disciples. Some of them got up and left. So what did Jesus do?

He let them go. He didn't try to justify Himself or what He had just said. He forgave them and let them go.

Then He turned to His disciples and asked, "How about you? Do you want to go as well?"

Peter replied, "To whom shall we go?" Signifying that he trusted Jesus without question; albeit no doubt he had many questions in his mind.

So in a similar way, God let the devil go. He gave him the freedom to roam the world and cause havoc amongst many souls as he tries to lead them astray. God let him go; but still retains overall control.

And God continues to care for His lost Angels. Just like in Christ's parable of the Prodigal Son. In that story a son asks his father for his inheritance now. He did not want to wait until the father dies. The father gives him the money and sees him walk away and squander the fortune on good living. 

The father must have been very hurt at the action of his son. But he continued loving him and caring for his lost son. And when the son eventually returned, his father welcomed him back with open arms and joy.

I believe God is hurt at the rebellion of Lucifer. He let him go. But I believe God still cares and as a loving parent He still loves the one who went astray.

What do you think?


  1. ...Victor, I hope that you are having peaceful Sunday.

  2. There are many questions that we can not answer regarding God's ways and thoughts. I know there is something in the fact that the word Lucifer means ' Light bearer '. However, I know that while the devil has access to our carnal minds, to cause us to go against what the Word of God speaks to us, he does not have access to the mind of Christ, to cause the Word of God to change, which we do have access to when we become a believer. God bless you Victor.

    1. Yes, the devil does his best to tempt us away from God.

      God bless, Brenda.

  3. I can't begin to wrap my mind around an answer, Victor. Yes, Jesus allowed ... Jesus wept (a former pastor said, "Because they just didn't get it.") I've no doubt Satan is roaming freely, and (many) people don't take notice.

    1. Thank you, Mevely. I too, have wondered about an answer. They say, "love the sinner not the sin". God loves us despite our sinning. He forgives us IF we repent; but He still loves us and hopes we repent. So, does He love the devil?

      And I agree. The devils DOES exist. But people do not want to believe or take notice. Yesterday, in a sermon, a priest mentioned the devil and his reality. I felt like screaming "Hooray ... at last someone is warning of the devil." But they would have thrown me out of the church.

      God bless. Thanx for your wisdom.

  4. There are many different types of love. As you stated, God loves unconditionally and allows everyone the dignity of free will.

  5. Wow. What interesting thoughts. Yes, the LORD has given us the freedom of choice. As for Him loving Satan, the unpardonable sin has been done there, so even if God loves Satan, he is lost for all eternity. That's my take on it.

    1. Yes, you mention the unpardonable sin. Which is to continually deny God and to stand in his enmity. This is what Satan always does; and some people too. They stand against God and refuse to believe. Some even encourage others to follow their example and defy God. They exclude themselves from His love, mercy and forgiveness. The unpardonable sin, because they do not want to be pardoned.

      God bless, Barbara, and thank you.

  6. No one can love as God can. :)

  7. God loves all His creation, even when we disobey Him callously. I thank Him every day for His gifts of love and grace.
    Blessings, Victor, and thanks for continued prayers for Danny!

    1. I continue to pray for Danny, you and your family. God bless, Martha.

  8. I think we won't know the extent of any of this until we are there. Until then, I feel sorry the dark angel rebelled, but I won't underestimate his power of evil and the damage he can do.

    1. Well said, Mimi. Thank you for that. True, the devil continues to create damage throughout the world.

      God bless always.

  9. I hope you had a blessed Sunday.

    All the best Jan



God bless you.