Friday 18 February 2022

Driving to work

These are my thoughts on my long drives to and from work.

Dum … de dum … de dum … dum dum de dum dum … do …

Ooh … dear me … Another long drive to work huh …

Every day, every morning, I have to drive for miles and miles to go to work and I always get stuck on this motorway.

There's always some holdup or other over here. It’s either an accident, a detour or some road works. And it's the only motorway to take me to work there isn't another way of going there. I can see cars ahead for miles and miles and cars all around me and behind me too.  We're all driving at zero miles an hour. Every day going to work by car and driving back home again in the evening.

What a waste of time what an effort. Everyone in our office does not live in the city. They all live in towns and villages around the city and they all come into work every morning. Some by car, some by train, and there's a couple of people who come in by motorcycle. So we all wake up in our homes at the early hours and get to work in the city and go back home every evening.

And it takes us hours to do this journey every day. What a waste of time and effort, not counting the financial cost of fuel and on the environment.

Now … there must be a better way surely of doing this. After all … we've all got access to the internet and we all have cell phones and television. Surely there must be a way of connecting us all and we can communicate with each other on the internet and on cell phones. And we don't need to go to the office at all. We can all work from home and save us all this driving …

Yeah … I'm sure we can all do that … I’ll mention it to the boss. It will save our organisation a fortune too, I bet.

Oh … the doorkeepers … that's one thing I forgot. The doorkeepers or security guards as they call themselves these days. I forgot about them. They can’t work from home can they?

Or can they? I suppose they can work from home too … we can fit a camera by the front door in our office building entrance and they can have a monitor at home and they can actually check through their monitors who wants to come in and out of the building. They can check their identity cards and with a remote control button they can actually open the doors to the office. Brilliant! 

Mind you the doorkeepers will still have to come in in the morning anyway to open up and let the cleaners in because the cleaners come in very early in the morning and they are not company employees. They don’t each have identity cards as individuals. 

Also the delivery men and women … you know … people delivering mail, parcels and such things. They don’t have ID cards and someone’s got to let them in the building.

One doorkeeper can be designated to come in early and open up for them, then go home and monitor the whole proceedings with his camera and remote control button to open the door. Simple!

A better idea would be to recruit cleaners who are married to doorkeepers. That way the cleaners could have a key to the building and open up for themselves and when they finished cleaning they can give the key to their doorkeepers husbands. I’ll speak to the HR Department about this.

An even better idea would be to hire doorkeepers who can also do the cleaning. Pay them a little bit more and it is cheaper than hiring two people one to clean and the other to mind the doors.

Wait a minute … wait a minute … if we're all working from home do we need to open up to clean the building anyway?

Oh … something else I forgot … the restaurant … the restaurant staff … they need to come in and prepare the meals … let’s think about this … I suppose they can work from home too … you know … they can do the cooking and washing of the pots and pans and all that from home and bring the food into the building at lunchtime for the staff to eat.

I guess our employees can drive to the office at lunchtime for their meals then return home to work …

No that's too complicated … let's think this through. If we all work from home and we all eat our own food at home, we don't need the restaurant staff at all do we? We can close the restaurant and save on restaurant staff, save on cleaning, save on doorkeepers too.  Fire the lot of them.

I'm not thinking this very well am I? If there's nobody in the office what is the point of having an office?

Customers … customers I've forgot about the customers … Now all our customers are from other businesses we work with. Other businesses and their employees come to us to discuss marketing campaigns and sales figures and things like that. So it's mostly meetings with other businesses employees … Okay what if we get our customers to visit us at home for all these meetings? That would be fun for them and we can close our offices altogether and save all that rent and electricity and heating and all that … and save all that driving every day.

That's it … that's a good idea … we close everything and we'll get our customers to come and meet us in our homes

Mind you … that would cause me some difficulties because of my cat. I'm sure my cat will find a way to embarrass me with my customers. No doubt he’ll bring in a half-dead mouse to the meeting. It always boils down to my cat. I can't do anything with my cat. We could all work from home if it wasn't for my cat. I'll have to think this through before discussing it with my boss.

Meanwhile … drive on … yeah … drive on.


  1. ...working from home has changed the workplace.

  2. Dearest Victor,
    Having customers come to your home would not solve any driving problems for those that visit you... Despite your kitty cat problems.
    We seem to live in a very different world and who knows when it ever will come back to 'normal'.
    Feeling so sorry for all the truck drivers that have to deliver our food and all our other daily things.
    It was refreshing when I drove to Florida, long distance that there never once was a traffic jam!
    Not so if we make our rounds to the Georgia Capital of Atlanta... it is standing still traffic jam and those poor truck drivers are stuck. Worse, they only get paid by the mile!
    And they are not allowed to get on the Express lane as we can, for bypassing the standing lanes.
    May God help our Truck Drivers worldwide as we so depend on them!

    1. Indeed ... we rely on so many people to transport the things we need.

      I enjoyed your trip to Florida on your video.

      God bless.

    2. Thank you and that only was the 1st segment...πŸ€—

  3. Late on parade..Why! Why!
    We've just had a two hour power cut..! :(.
    All up and running, neighbours have been
    round wanting their kettles of water to be l'm gas and their electric..!
    Must make that's the water that
    boils, NOT the kettle..silly..when people
    say.."Has the kettle boiled yet"..! :).

    Victor..You have just brought the whole
    meaning of life and the reasons for living,
    and working...down around our knees..! :(.
    HeHe! Brilliant l got down to
    the nether regions of the post, l thought,
    where have l put my shot gun..! :(

    The only advice l can give you is..
    GET ANOTHER JOB...! or a smaller lorry, you can
    drive around the house, rather then the motorway!
    I am so pleased l retired two years ago, aged, 72..
    An aging 'Godfather' has to retire sometime!
    Give the younger Sicilian boys a chance..! HeHe!
    Go on..Make me an offer..! :o).

    AND..Hey! Victor..'You have a cat'..You kept that
    quiet, l shall expect to see a photo of said pussy,
    in the near future..(or else)..
    You said summat about 'boils' not the cat we hope!
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾
    PS..Don't forget..Look skywards..that's were you'll
    find the boss..! :).

    1. I wrote a book about my cat:

      Paperback in the UK:

      Kindle (cheaper version):

      God bless, Willie.

    2. Could'nt use either link..Would'nt
      Googled Catastrophes Mr Victor Moubarak..
      Opened up..sending link to my daughter
      to get me a copy..$9.49..
      Thanks for that..look forward to seeing it!

    3. Try this link:

      God bless.

  4. Long solo car drives do leave a lot of time for thinking.

  5. Ironically, so many folks have been working from home because of the pandemic, and some have decided it works better for them in the long run. I do not miss the commute to work, Victor, that's for sure, but I do love the thoughts yours has put in your head- funny and clever!

    1. I used to hate the commute by train to London. Also, driving up North sometimes over 350 miles one way, to be there by 8:30 am and finish the day at 5:30 pm or later and having to drive back home in the dark and the rain. I once got lost in Birmingham and kept driving round in circles. That was before GPS.

      On one occasion the GPS lady told me to stop the car so she could get off.

      God bless, Martha.

  6. Okay, that solves it. I thought you should be a priest, now I am sure you should go into politics. With you ability at solving problems you would be Prime Minister in say..... well a few years. LOL
    Enjoyed the read. We all have a problem with cats, all mine are Feral but I still enjoy them.
    sherry & jack over here.

    1. Actually Jack I was in politics years ago. In an open debate with a live audience in a packed hall, the other politician accused me of lacking vision because I wore socks of different colour.

      I explained that I was open-minded. He replied, “There’s no point in being so open-minded that your brains fall out!”

      At a radio interview during the election campaign I was asked by a caller what I wanted for Christmas. I said “A pair of slippers”. The following day the newspapers said, “Victor wants a pair of slippers whilst his opponent wants to improve life for the community of this town”.

      Needless to say I didn’t win the election. Even my Electoral Agent refused to vote for me.

      God bless you Jack and Sherry.

  7. With all the thinking while you're driving, I hope you can still concentrate on the driving.

    1. I was only driving at zero miles an hour in a big traffic jam. Roadworks ahead.

      God bless, Bill.

  8. It seems you've thought of (almost) every eventuality, Victor. All I can say is, "Why not?!"
    For 15+ years my twice daily hour-long commute was so loathsome. Had I realized how much fun it is to be retired and poor I'd have done it sooner!

    1. The daily commute is harmful in so many ways. Why do we humans do this every day? It happens in so many cities over here with people travelling in and out of the city every day.

      God bless, Mevely.

  9. So nice now that so many people can and do work from home. One good thing to come out of the pandemic.

    1. It's more convenient working from home.

      God bless, Happyone.

  10. It would save a lot of money and time if you could work from home some days and only go to the office one or two days a week to meet with clients in person. It is changing how business is done in some places.

    1. Hopefully, it is a change for the better.

      God bless, Mimi.

  11. You didn't think it through all the way. Customers don't have to come to your home, you can meet with them on the internet, with Zoom meetings.

    1. Oooops ... You are of course right, River.

      God bless.



God bless you.