Wednesday 2 February 2022

Eating Healthy


In the UK we've been encouraged for some time by health experts to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This has lately been increased to seven portions a day because of inflation.

 I think seven, or even five, portions of fruit and vegetables is far too much for anyone to take. Can you imagine munching on a carrot, an apple, a piece of broccoli or spinach, a banana perhaps, (that makes four), and a box of chocolates with fruit centres? 

That's only five! Still two more portions of this healthy food and I won't have any room for steak and French fries, or pizza or a burger in a large bun.

Obviously the thing to ask these health experts is what do they mean by a portion. Apparently it is the amount of fruit or vegetables which you can hold in the palm of your hand.

So having a large watermelon or a pineapple is OK then; is it?

But before we scoff at this advice given to us in order to lead long and healthy lives, let us look at the science behind the advice.

According to studies carried out by nutritionists and such like boffins the proof of healthy eating is overwhelming.

They had two groups of 25 people. One group was fed seven portions of fruits and vegetables daily for a period of one year; and the other group was totally deprived of these items for the same period.

At the end of the experiment, out of the group who ate fruits and vegetables daily, one went to work in a burger bar, another one became a taxidermist and another broke his leg when he fell off a ladder. 

Yet the scientists do not relent in their advice to eat fruits and vegetables.

They also encourage us to eat a lot of fibre. Like oats for instance, also known as porridge. Did you know that I once had a job in a farm chewing oats all day for a horse with no teeth?

So there you are. Inconclusive evidence from experts as to whether eating more fruits and vegetables are good for you or not. 

You can either accept the experts' advice on this subject or not. Personally, I think it is dangerous to read too much between the lines, especially if you are standing on a railway line.


  1. True! Sounds a bit dangerous to me to...! :)

    I was a year old when we came to this country
    first, and of course in Sicily a lot of the
    food is either caught or grown wild..!
    Different types of wildlife are caught, cleaned,
    cooked and are the fruit and veg..!
    The first job my Dad had was working as bus his driver, Eddie, saw a rabbit,
    pheasant or badger on the side of the road, he'd
    stop, Dad would give the dead beast a shake, if
    it was o.k. home it came for Sundays dinner..!
    And, after all these years, l still have a 'road
    kill' freezer in the corner of the dining room!
    I know it's the 'road kill' freezer..cos it has
    a sticker on the front telling me so..! :).

    My diet is very varied, as a Sicilian l eat a
    lot of pasta, in various forms, my pasta sauce
    is to die for..mia Mama was a cook, she cooked
    for Mussolini..but we don't talk about that...!
    I've actually cooked from 4 people and 240 people!
    I'm a very good cook..! As a lot of family and
    friends will tell you.."If you ever eat at Willie's
    never ask him what your eating"..Amen!

    Once a week, few l visit Lidl..I always buy a melon,
    pears, bananas..usual vegetables..and various other
    things that take my eye..I love Lidl as l can buy
    my continental things at a reasonable price...!

    So..NO!..I do 'NOT' accept the experts advice...
    NO! Way Manuel..or is it Jose..? HeHe! Bless! :).

    Best get on..Time l got changed..Coffee morning
    with the ladies at 11..lots to catch up on..and
    ladies are the ones who know what's going on..! :O).
    ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕

    1. It's good to be able to have fresh fruits and vegetables. Especially fruits.

      God bless, Willie.

  2. fruits and vegetables can do strange things to you!

    1. That's true. The other day I was chased down the street by a carrot.

      God bless, Tom.

  3. Dearest Victor,
    One more and more starts wondering about many so–called experts these days! They get paid doing all kinds of worthless research...
    Using common sense is the best thing to do.
    Indeed what is a 'helping' of fruits or vegetables?
    Both of us love fruits and veggies but not in the commanded way.
    As a child we had to eat our own produce, seasonal and it was hard doing that for let's say six weeks! But sure, feeding a family of nine and working alongside your husband in the greenhouses or on the field, there was no time for going shopping and get something else.
    We ALL survived and one wonders what those experts ATE themselves for maybe a bit too long for preaching such food gospels.

    1. Heaven help us from experts. There are so many on so many subjects. I often wonder why the world is in such a bad way with all these experts to solve our problems.

      God bless, Mariette.

  4. Since my diet is predominantly plant-based I am probably not the target market for your 'experts', but I've found there's room for both vegetables AND pizza/burgers/good stuff.

    1. They have now invented a burger made of vegetable products. Why can't they invent vegetables made of meat?

      God bless, Kathy.

  5. Until I joined the military I had never even heard the names of cauliflower, broccoli, artichoke, asparagus & some others I still cannot name. No way could I have eaten 7 different kinds. BUT I have made up for it eating porridge. So I am still waiting to see if I will live a long life. BTW once I learned those veggies, I did eat and like them, maybe the first 17 years do not count!
    Always have fun here, well most of the time...
    Sherry & jack enjoying the sun!

    1. My aim is that readers here have fun always; so I need to try better at my posts. More variety perhaps. I promise to do better Jack; and eat all my vegetables. Have you tried celeriac? Or fennel?

      God bless always.

  6. I have porridge every morning with blueberries, nuts and raisins. I love veggies too.

    1. That's the way I like porridge, Bill. Fruits and raisins or sultanas.

      God bless.

  7. I do need to get back to eating more oatmeal with fruit, Victor. You don't have to wrangle me to eat my veggies and fruits - Danny's been making me smoothies almost every day during my convelescence, and I do believe the nutrition is helping.
    However, I'll take a burger any day!

    1. I wonder what a burger smoothy tastes like? Mixed with French fries and ketchup. I'll try one some day ... not too soon though.

      So glad you are getting better, Martha. I like oatmeal. Did you know in Scotland they have porrige oats with salt?

      God bless you and Danny.

  8. While at the supermarket this morning, we were startled to see how many frozen entrees now boast: "Plant based." I'm left to wonder, is that fruit or a vegetable? Like Marvin Gaye says, 'Ain't nothing like the real thing!"

    PS - I've not voluntarily eaten fruit in years, but love most vegetables, as long as they're accompanied by a large serving of beef.

    1. Most foods are now plant-based because the cardboard packaging is made of wood pulp. One gets more nutrition from the packaging than what's inside it.

      I agree, we need some meat with our vegetables. The trend of meat-substitutes means there's more meat for you and me.

      God bless, Mevely.

  9. I try to eat a well balanced diet though don't always so. :)

    1. My well-balanced diet is pizza for starters, pizza for the main meal, and pizza for dessert.

      God bless, Happyone.

    2. Well-balanced simply means the same amount in both hands.

    3. A well-balanced man has a chip on each shoulder.

      God bless, River.

  10. Instead of chewing oats for the horse, you could have cooked them into a porridge and let him slurp that up himself.
    A portion is generally thought to be a half a cup, but that's a proper measuring cup not, just any old cup you might find in the cupboard, because we all know cups and mugs vary in size quite a bit. If you have an ice cream scoop, use that to get a serve of mashed potatoes, then serve other vegetables to equal that size. After a while you won't need the scoop to see the correct amount. If you include fruit with breakfast or lunch (banana smoothie? an apple?) then have three or four vegetables with dinner (potato, carrot, green beans) then you are getting enough without even trying.

    1. This is too much fuss for me, River. Better to have a pizza. Ham and pineapple has fruit on it. As well as tomatoes and herbs.

      God bless.

  11. Whether you eat healthy or not, you will die someday (statistics prove that one out of one dies), so you can choose to eat healthfully and maybe live longer or enjoy the time you have and eat what you want.

    1. Very wise, Mimi. I'll drink to that. I have known experts not to follow their own advice - like doctors who smoke and drink.

      God bless.

  12. I'll tell you what we should do. Limit ourselves to one fruit or vegetable and pick the chocolates with fruit centres. ')

    1. It's great to see you visiting here again, Manny. How are you, and the family? I hope and pray you are all well.

      Best wishes and love always. God bless you all.

    2. We're all fine, thank you. I hop you and your family are well too. I see you haven't lost your sense of humor. ;)



God bless you.