Friday 25 February 2022

Sure way to relieve stress


We all get stressed from time to time in this ever so demanding and difficult world. And we all have our own way of relieving stress when it happens to us. In fact, I would like to hear how you relieve stress. Please share your ideas which may be of some help to others, as well as to myself.

In my case, when I am stressed I have what I call a dry bath.

I go to the bathroom, take off all my clothes, and then sit there naked in the bath for half-an-hour or so. No water, no bubbles, no sponge or loofah or whatever else people have in their baths. Just me lying down on my back for a while in an empty bath in peace and quiet.

There are, of course, many advantages to having a dry bath. It saves on water and soap for a start. It saves time in that you don't have to dry yourself afterwards. It saves yet another towel which needs to be washed and dried and ironed. And best of all, the lack of gallons of water in the bath tub improves the acoustics in the room when I sing "Nessun Dorma" and other operatic arias. After all, you've never seen an opera singer sing whilst sitting in a water-filled bath, have you? There's a reason for that. Better acoustics.

Of course I do have a rubber duck, and a sail boat; but in the absence of water I have to precariously balance them on my body to make sure they don't tip over. They usually stay there throughout and don't fall off.

I just lie there reading the newspaper, which does not get wet because there's no water; or reading one of my published books - someone's got to read them after all!

Sometimes, if required, I vacuum clean myself with a small hand-held vacuum cleaner I have just purchased. It's quite an efficient way of keeping clean although I have to be careful I don't get my duck caught in the nozzle of the cleaner. Normally, a quick vacuum clean will suffice; although, if needed a few squirts of lemon scented Pledge gives one an extra shine.

At other times, I take with me a small, generously filled, glass of whisky. But again, with no water whatsoever. It helps relaxation and relieves stress.

So there you have it. My way of relieving stress. Have a dry bath. No need to get wet. No need to dry yourself afterwards. Just sit there with your favourite reading material, or knitting, if that's what you like to do, or even take your sketch pad with you and draw pictures of what you see, or anything else you like. You can even take your laptop or tablet with you, place it on your body, and type your next Blog post.

What's your way of relieving stress? Have you ever tried a dry bath or shower?


  1. HaHa! It's no secret..I've suffered from
    Stress/Anxiety most of my life, it's not
    life threatening, and l don't suffer it
    in a violent way..!
    Over the years, l've had therapy, spent,
    weeks with Psychiatrists, my daughter is
    a Psychiatrist, l've even laid out on
    Chaise Longue...zzzzzzzZ! :(.
    And the consensus is with me raising my
    daughter on my own..for is,
    indeed, the only profession she could
    go into..! :O).

    So..NO! I have never had a dry bath,
    not even a wet one..what a dirty habit,
    to lay in your own filth, sweat and
    dirt..! Yuk! :(.
    Shower! Shower! Shower! Best thing ever,
    and sometimes l turn the water on..! And
    move about, great fun what you can do with
    a luffa..The mind boggles..! :O).

    So..NO! I have NO! way of relieving my
    stress or anxiety..l just get on with my
    life..after all, two things run my life..
    My music and my emotions...but..l still
    spend a lot of time running around on
    the ceiling...Coo~e down there..! :O).

    1. The thing with showers, I find the microphone gets wet when I'm singing.

      God bless, Willie.

    2. Just turn the back scrubber the
      other way up..
      And..Hey~Presto! A microphone! :).

    3. How do you connect the back scrubber to the power system and amplifier?

      God bless.

    4. You take the battery out of your car..
      Put it by the side of the tube, plug
      it in with an extension lead..!
      And..You must have an amplifier and
      speaker lying about in the bedroom
      somewhere..??? :O).

      Goodness! Me! Tom! Do l have to draw
      pictures..! HeHe! Bless! :O).

    5. Oh! Sorry Victor...I've just finished
      over at Tom's post...
      So..if you want me to draw you some
      pictures for you...let me know..!

      Now! Where was l....Ah! zzzzzzzzZ! :)

    6. All this seems too technical for me. Better not to sing in the bath.

      God bless, Willie.

  2. ...thankfully, stress has never been a problem for me. And few things are better than a hot shower.

    1. What? No stress? Why not read some newspapers or watch TV ... that will get you stressed no time. Then a hot shower will really do you good.

      God bless, Tom.

  3. I like to walk to relieve stress.

    1. Walking around where I live is so boring it stresses me out! So I drive miles and walk somewhere else.

      God bless, Bill.

  4. We keep the thermostat low enough in the winter that I wear a couple of layers. I can't imagine getting in a bath tub without anything on!

    1. I'm puzzled. You sit in the bath tub wearing two layers of clothes? Quicker to just go to the dry-cleaners!

      Keep smiling, Kathy. God bless.

  5. I will have to try the dry shower, we don't have a tub. IT is a good think Miss Loofun would not be with me, Sherry would not like that. YOu have never talked about her before, does you wife know?
    But to relieve stress I usually just run away.
    Sherry & jack (She says amen)
    From the next coast over....

    1. I too don't have an audience when in the bath or shower, with or without water. People just wait outside the door and listen to my singing through loudspeakers. The neighbours like my singing so much they have broken all our windows to hear me better. Some have even invited the police to my bath concerts.

      Hope you and Sherry are well, Jack. God bless always.

  6. The last time I sat in our bathtub (I'm a shower person), I was surrounded by pillows and had a helmet at the ready. Yep, another tornado warning.

    1. Did you have water in the bath, Mevely?

      Must be terrifying living in an area with tornadoes. Over here we complain when we have high winds.

      Take care my friend. God bless.

  7. Dearest Victor,
    Haha, that would be rather odd and also a chilling experience I guess.
    We just got back from Holy Mass and prayed hard for our world and for those that live through hell; not thinking about 'relaxing' at the moment.

    1. I agree, Mariette. The world needs a lot of prayers right now. I join you in praying for peace.

      God bless you and Pieter.

  8. Can't say I've ever had a dry bath or shower! :)
    Walking is how I deal with stress.

    1. Walking can be a good way to de-stress.

      God bless, Happyone.

  9. Instead of lying in the bath, i lie in the bed doing the same sorts of things. No need to get undressed and redressed, just lie on top of the blankets and rest a bit.

    1. Good idea. I'll move my bed into the bathroom.

      God bless you, Mimi.

  10. I think being out in nature and enjoying a good walk is a good way to relax and destress.

    All the best Jan

    1. I agree, Jan. Especially in the countryside or in a park.

      God bless.



God bless you.