Friday 26 August 2022

Radio Talk-In


Radio Presenter: Hello and welcome to Blah Blah your favourite program. We have on line one Bernard from Bournemouth ... you're on the air ...

Bernard: It's about all those wind turbines all over the place. They don't go round fast. How much electricity is being wasted making them go round slowly and they make no air whatsoever in hot days like today.

Presenter: That's right Bernard. They're a complete waste. I get more air here in the studio from a small electric fan. Battery operated too. We have Cheryl from Chesterfield.

Cheryl: I agree with Bernard. Those turbines are also dangerous to birds who bump into them and die. Why can't they make them in colour like red, and pink and violet so they could be seen?

Presenter: What a brilliant idea Cheryl. And at night they could have lights on them so bats and owls can see them. Brilliant. We have Donald from Doncaster.

Donald: It's about driver-less cars. What is the point of having cars with no one in them? If there's going to be someone in them he might as well drive the thing.

Presenter: Good point well made, Donald. The only reason to make a car is to have someone in it. I don't see the point of cars driving around with no one in them. We have Evelyn on the line from Exeter.

Evelyn: Why is it when I used tomato ketchup there's always a bit stuck at the end which will not come out? What's that about?

Presenter: Yes, that annoys me too. I think we should get a refund from the manufacturer. After all, we pay for a full bottle of ketchup and there's a couple of ounces at the end that never comes out. Fred from Farnborough is on the line ...

Fred: Is Sue there?

Presenter: Sue who?

Fred: Not Sue Who ... Sue Dennis ... Is she there?  

Presenter: There's no one here of that name.

Fred: Are you sure?

Presenter: Sure I'm sure ... look ... I'll turn the microphone all the way round ... 360 degrees ... you can see there's no Sue Dennis here. Maybe you got the wrong number.

Fred: No I haven't. Sue does not have a phone ... she left me. She says she doesn't love me any more.

Presenter: I can't see why, Fred. You seem a sensible young man. Intelligent and all. Ringing a radio station and expecting your girl-friend to be there. That's the first thing I would have done had my wife left me. But then, she works as a radio producer ... my wife. We have George from Grantham on the line.

George: Hello ... can you help me with my one word crossword? One across - first letter of the alphabet. One down the indefinite article.

Presenter: Sorry George. That's all the time we've got this week. See you next week on Talk-In Radio folks. Byeeeee ....


  1. AND...That's the reason l gave the radio up...Years ago...
    Did'nt realise it was still about....! :(.

    I remember radio back in the 50~60's..Sunday for
    example..12~1.00 'Two Way Family Favourites'
    a successor to the wartime radio show Forces
    Favourites...hosted by Cliff Michelmore and Jean
    Metcalf...who met on air, from the UK and Germany,
    and eventually got married..!

    Then..1.00~2.00 'Round The Horn' with Kenneth
    Williams'..2,00~3,00 'The Navy Lark' 3.00~4.00
    'Top of the Pops' with Alan Freeman..!
    Then at 6.00 'Sing Something Simple' :).

    We were one of the last families to have a telly,
    we had an old Bush valve we used to
    sit and watch that, or rather watch mia Mama
    trying to tune into any Italian radio station, once
    she hit it with the hammer a couple times...Job done!

    So radio is well down on my list's of entertainment...
    Wonder what Guglielmo Marconi would think of the
    radio to~day, an Italian of course, and l have the
    same first name as his Guglielmo..(William)....! :).
    ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕

    1. In those days radio was a good community link. With good programs compared to today.

      God bless Guglielmo.

  2., just play the music!

  3. I think Donald's call is my favorite.
    Fred? To quote Travis Tritt, Here's a quarter, call someone who cares.

    1. Donald is right about driver-less cars. Over here we have small driver-less automatic carts that drive to one's house and deliver groceries from the supermarket. I tried to get into one. No room at all. Just enough for a packet of breakfast cereals and some milk.

      God bless, Mevely.

  4. Dearest Victor,
    It is about half–a–century ago that radio talk–shows were so popular and I recall listening with the entire family.
    But there are also some people that make no sense, not back then, neither now... they only love to hear themselves!

    1. On radio shows they seem to give air-time to people who agree with the presenter. Otherwise they are quickly cut-off and on to another caller.

      God bless, Mariette.

  5. Just play me some country music!!!
    Blessings, Victor!

    1. I so agree with you, Martha. Not much Country music on the radio over here.

      God bless always.

    2. HaHa! The the lord for that...! ::O)

  6. My kind of radio show... And Donald was right abut the driverless cars... ;-)

    1. If the car is driver-less, how does it know where to go?

      God bless, Jack.

  7. We listen to jazz, or the Christian radio station. Much better than the people who talk all day without saying anything.

    1. Good point. They talk all day and just agree with each other.

      God bless, Mimi.



God bless you.