Monday 1 August 2022

The Gentle Social Media


The last hundred years have seen many great inventions which have benefited mankind. I think the second greatest and best invention, after the spoon rest, has been the Internet.

I really was at a loss before they invented the spoon rest. I did not know where to place my spoon after I stirred the rabbit ragout or my puttanesca sauce.

So you can see why I placed the Internet as second best. Life would be so much more difficult for me without my spoon rest.

With the Internet came social media. An opportunity to get to know new people everywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. I am not a member of many social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram and so on, because I find them too complicated to navigate or understand. I'm just with Blogger because it is much simpler. I post, people read and comment, I visit those who comment and voila.

Over the years I have "met" several people this way. Not in person because they all live too far away in order to avoid me; but that's OK. 

To me, these people are more than names and photos on my computer monitor. They are real people with real lives, and hopes, and points of views and concerns like everybody else. That's why I pray for them regularly; and I hope they do the same for me.

Most of those I "met" this way have been kind people and a credit to the gentler side of the Internet and social media. But some not so much so.

I had someone who continued to "attack", (I guess the word is perhaps too strong - let's say vehemently criticise), not me personally but what I stand for.

He said the Catholic Church is not Christian, it is a cult. It is this and that and something else ... ... ... and so on.

I suspect a number of you have had similar comments on your Blogs or whatever media you're on criticising you, or your opinions, on something or other. Disagreeing with an opinion is one thing; but being rude and abusive is another. We seem to live in a culture where if you don't agree with someone you must shut him down because you are right and he is wrong.

I thought about this person who wrote about the Catholic Church. Is it worth perhaps responding and explaining what we believe? I came to the conclusion that he was not prepared to discuss or debate. He was obviously right and I was wrong to belong to my particular faith.

I decided to ignore him despite his continued comments in the same tone to my posts. Ignoring him can be very confusing because he does not know whether I read his comments or not. It is like breaking wind in an elevator and there's no one there to take offence.

As for the rest of you; thank you for visiting me here and my other platforms when I was on them.

Now ... where's my spoon rest. Has any one taken my spoon rest? Come on you *** #### **** stop fooling around and bring back my spoon rest.


  1. Just sit there quietly Victor...And don't 'stir'....! :).

    I consider the internet the best invention ever...
    Up to a point..if and when used in the proper
    manner..the internet has an awful down side,
    which we all know about..therefore..l 'do not'
    give my e~mail address to businesses like the
    Gas, Electric, Water, Bank, Doctor, Dentist,
    Undertaker...Undertaker..? HeHe! :).
    I give my e~mail address to family and friends..
    And that's it...'I run my life'..not some PC screen,
    keyboard, etc...I refuse to do Social Media to....
    That's why l only get 3~4 junk mails a week...!

    One little tip Victor if you've lost/missed placed
    your spoon rest, give the spoon a 'good' lick, then
    it's quite dry and safe to place on the table cloth..! :O).

    1. Ah ... but if you had to choose ... which is the better invention? The Internet or the spoon-rest?

      God bless, Willie.

    2. A spoon rest (also known as a dubl矇) is a piece of kitchenware that serves as a place to lay spoons and other cooking utensils, to prevent cooking fluids from getting onto countertops, as well as keeping the spoon from touching any contaminants that might be on the counter....

      A spoon rest is often overlooked as a kitchen accessory, but it isn't simply a knickknack. A great spoon rest is a highly functional and indispensable tool for making life in the kitchen easier...

      So...After ALL said and done..The Spoon Rest..! :)
      It's summat you don't have to forward, reply, or
      delete..and it's never full of junk...I rest my case....
      or at least my spoon rest...!...:).

  2. ...I am NOT a social media fan!

  3. Have a lovely and wonderful day. Regine

  4. Dearest Victor,
    Well, there are always insecure and unhappy people that need to lash out to others, for feeling 'in–control'. It only speaks volumes about them and isolating them is the best defense + prayer.
    If words cannot reach their inner core; maybe our actions will!

    1. Well said, Mariette. I felt there was no point discussing/debating with him. Only pray for him.

      God bless you.

  5. Your Paragraph #6? I am SO happy knowing I'm not the only one who feels this way. Whether we ever meet in person or not, I feel closer to you and a few others than I do my in-person friends. Just this morning in Bible Study one of the ladies shared (that) she used to be so shy and self-conscious. Only when she put on her Raggedy Ann costume, she felt free to be, to do and say. It made me realize the masks I wear in public. How freeing not to have to do that here!

    1. Thank you for what you said, Mevely. It is true that through social media like Blogger people can often say what they feel and think. It is sad that people tend to attack such views they do not agree with.

      I do some times receive private e-mails from readers who wish to discuss certain things in private. And these always remain so and are often acoompanied by my prayers.

      God bless always.

  6. There are always some people you just can't talk to because they tune you out if you are not agreeing with them. Save your anger and move along, that's what I did. I am only on blogger and that's fine by me. Have a great night, Victor.

    1. Thank you, Bill. Wise advice my friend. "Save your anger and move along." God bless you always.

  7. I consider you a friend and so happy that I discovered your blog.
    Thank you for praying for me.
    It is sad that people can't have a different opinion and still be civil to each other. Being rude never helps anything.

    1. It is great that we met on the Internet, Happyone. We all learn so much from each other.

      It is so sad people sometimes behave so negatively.

      God bless you and yours.

  8. And then you said: We seem to live in a culture where if you don't agree with someone you must shut him down because you are right and he is wrong............. Yes, and it is a shame. The denomination my dad pastored in was considered a 'cult' by many in the 1930-1960 era.. I took a lot of flack growing up.... So many folks wanted to 'fix our thinking. LOL You are so right in that statement. quoted.. Also thanks for prayers......

    1. Many thanx Jack. It is so good to have met you on the Internet. I have learnt so much from your Blog.

      God bless you and Sherry.

  9. It's a joy to get to know you, even if we may never meet in person on this side of eternity.

    Trolls, unfortunately, need to be ignored. If you never acknowledge the comments, or even delete them, they usually stop.

    1. Thank you Mimi. I'm so glad we met on the Internet.

      God bless you always.



God bless you.